The Village (*)

Is a good thing that I went to Mo’s place and read his review before I wrote this post or this movie would have gotten a () ZERO, ZILCH, NADA do I sound a little bitter… well I am after seeing this movie.

Starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Joaquin Phoenix, Adrien Brody, William Hurt, Sigourney Weaver, Brendan Gleeson, Cherry Jones, Judy Greer, and Celia Weston. The thrilling tale of an isolated village confronting the astonishing truth that lies just outside its borders. (Touchstone Pictures)

*Tons of spoilers*

Any movie that makes cult like living seems normal is just plain wrong. A movie that at the end makes me feel sorry for every single character that was on it just makes me sick. What happened to movies that make you feel good after they end? I think movies where a level or reality on how life sometimes sucks are good, but this one just takes that point and drives it to the point that if alternative to living is complete isolation then why live at all. This movie takes being sheltered to the extreme and its just plain scary just to think about.

The movie would not have bothered me all that much if at least I would have not been lied to, the previews sell this movie as a horror or at least suspense film and I was not in suspense at all let alone scared. I even waited to go with a group of friends instead of just watching it by myself (I sometimes can go to the theater on my own, I know I am a weirdo but hey no one that I know likes to got to theater as much as I do) because I thought, maybe this will be scary. The last movie that I saw that really scared me (because I still remember) was Event Horizon… the might have been jumps here and there with other movies, but that movie did actually scare me.

Now my biggest beef with the movie might be something that the book does a lot better and it is the “but why”… why would the village idiot have a knife? Come on the dude is not right and he has access to sharp objects. Why would it be ok to send the blind girl to go for medicine? Was it ok because they knew that the security for the preservation was most likely going to pick her up? I mean believe me, I got it, Walker was the last name of Ivy and also the company that seems to run/own the preservation… but still, someone else could have picked her up, and then what. I think if I would have approached the movie from another angle I would have liked it a lot better, but I thought it would be scary.

The movie did not get a ZERO because it did have great acting; the cast did an amazing job at just making the whole thing believable. The only suspense build up was done at a character level with their own inner emotions. I also liked some of the lines in the movie. Once again I have to remind myself to lower my expectations, but come on this guy did the sixth sense. Enough of me ranting… what do you think?

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7 comments on “The Village (*)

  1. Hmmmm I haven’t decided if I want to spend 5 bucks on it. I’d rather see Delovely again…or hope that my vampire is at the maxi saver :)

  2. I did go and see the movieAnd I completely agree that the commericials for this movie made it look like a horror.

  3. I enjoy your reviews and now I will start seeing just how much I agree with them and that could save me a lot of money in the near future.

  4. hey i would definitely come back later to check out your other movie reviews. i love watching movies too. i watch a movie almost every single nite 😉

  5. I too thought it was sad that these people lived so isolated, but, thought it really cool that the guy didnt turn them in you know. I am not big into scary movies but for some reason this one appealed to me, but, like you, was GREATLY disappointed b/c it was not scary at all! yes, explain to me why the idiot did have a knife and why would they send the blind girl out in the woods all alone? Did they think people would feel sorry for her? And if they were so worried about the world out there that they would go into isolation why would they send the blind girl out into the world they ran from since it was so horrible? I did like the movie, but was disappointed b/c it was nothing like sixth sense. This guy did some good movies but I think this one was his worst. I have told some people to just wait til it came out on rental tee-hee… there was my opinion and most of it agreed with yours :-)

  6. Nah, your comment was great, because you did enjoy the movie. I did not enjoy it as much I could have!

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  1. The Village
    Ever since I saw previews for the Village I wanted to see it and couldn’t wait for the DVD to be released. Even though I’ve heard mixed reviews about the movie I still wanted to watch it. I’m glad I did.

    M. Night Shyamalan comes through with an a…

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