Week 19

Another week has come and gone and it’s time to get out our mambo shoes once again. This Mambo-er can’t believe that it’s august already. Where has the summer gone?

And I still do not have a bike… *cries* but by next year I hope.

Ah, but that’s not the point…it’s mambo time…time to get up and dance. But first a little warm up.

A little I say…You think…Musical style…I’m going to post 10 words..and you tell me what songs or bands these words make you think of.

jazz:The Fresh Prince and his DJ Jazzy Jeff or something like that.
white:The Beatles the White Album
goodbye:Maroon Five the Sweetest Goodbye
summer:Summer time, Will Smith (The Fresh Prince) again
avenue:Electric Avenue
hungry:a Jingle did Somebody say Mc D’s
blue:I’m blue dabudi dabuda – Eiffel something something.
moon:Luna… something by a Spanish singer called Ana Gabriel
fire:The Roof the Roof is on Fire.
bird:This should not be hard… but it is… something with bird. Los pollitos dicen… LMAO… its a lalluby in Spanish. LOL

Now it’s time to get our mambo on….are you ready?

5 bands that you can’t live without
Maroon 5
Alice DeeJay
The Offspring
Red Hot Chilli Peppers

4 albums that are important to you
Song About Jane (Maroon Five) – Got me through this rough year
Who needs guitars Anyways (Alice DeeJay) – Is one of the funnest Albums to listen to EVER.

3 of your favorite songs
Tangled (Maroon Five)
Brand New Day (Alice DeeJay)
Take On Me (Aha)

2 albums that you’ve bought recently
Maroon Five
Save The Last Dance

1 Band [or Artist] whos music has would be described as writing the soundtrack of your life.
Lately Maroon Five, can’t you tell… LOL

Ok, chicos and chicas, get to mamboing any style you chose. (I prefer Italiano) Remember it doesn’t have to be Monday to mambo. Mamboing is fun on any day you choose. Just remember to come back and tell us you’ve done the mambo, so we can come and share the fun with you!

From all of us wackos here at BDI, Mambo like there’s no tomorrow!

Many Hugs and Loads of Love

Dee, Friday, Sabra, Bliffy, Reesa, Andrea and Kelly


5 comments on “Week 19

  1. Weee! First comment! Welcome back hun! Boy, I sure did miss you!

    I was intrigued to see that you had Take On Me listed as one of your favorite songs….I think that says a lot about you….

    Hey, have you seen The Village yet?? If you haven’t, go! It’s great!!

  2. Thanks for coming by to visit me and I am so glad you are back home. I missed you. You have some good music listed above I must say! Now I know why I like you smile sweet one and visit me again soon.

  3. jazz: Dizzy Gilespe
    white: Knights in White Satin
    goodbye: Goodbye cruel world, I’m leaving you today
    summer: Babe I’m gonna leave you when the summer comes a rollin
    avenue: We’re gonna rock down to ELECTRIC AVENUE
    hungry: Winger
    blue: Blue moon
    moon: With the moon in the sky like a big pizza pie, that’s Amore
    fire: Jimi Hendrix
    bird: Freebird

  4. I’m embarrassed to admit that I know it’s Eiffel 65 that did that blue song. My fave Maroon 5 song is ‘This Love’.
    Great music!

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