US Citizenship

Today I can potentially complete the final step of me getting my US Citizenship. I came to the US about 10 years ago legally, my family has been here for over 30 years and I have met the requirements which were only 5 years or residency.

Now I have to complete a face to face interview. I will be quized on US history and the constitution. I did study and will actually study a little more on the way down to Detroit. I got a tape with all the questions that I can play in the car ride.

So pray for me 😉 wish me good luck. I will be trying to complete one of the biggest milestones in my life, becoming a US citizen.

Week 8 Robots

This week sees the opening of the film adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s classic “I, Robot” starring Will Smith. (Which I am really looking forward to seeying.)

1) Who or what is your favorite movie robot?
Well, movie robots are sometimes not the best characters, but the robots on the movie Alien have always played some good roles, so those would be my favorites.

2) Will we ever see the day where walking, talking robots truly become a part of every day life?
I am sure of it. I think in about 20 years they will be all over. Think about it, computers are already part of our lifes. Almost one on every home.

3) Should a robot ever be programmed to kill a human?
I think no, I think that in our world though, they will be programmed just for that, because eventually war will be fought by machines, lets just hope that AI never gets to the point that turns on us.

BONUS) If you had a personal robot, what would you call it? What would you like it to do for you?
I already have one… just look around on my page :) he is dancing the day away.
If I had one IRL, it will probably do chores, all of the except for cooking, I love cooking.

DANGER WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! (if you don’t put your name and blogsite in the comments)

Week 27

This Wednesday is Cow Appreciation Day so let’s make this hump “udderly moovelous”! Using the letters of H-O-L-S-T-E-I-N list seven things on your fantasy wish list! The key word here is FANTASY!! So milk it for all it’s worth!
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Action not Reaction.

“A life of reaction is a life of slavery, intellectually and spiritually. One must fight for a life of action, not reaction.”
— Rita Mae Brown

This is a quote that really sounds like truth to me. The moment we stop being proactive with our lives we enter the reaction stage, and then you can be assured that things will get difficult. At the same time, I do not think that worrying about everything in the future is the answer. I think planning for the future is good, but not worrying about it. What do you guys get out if this quote?