Answer to Guess-a-hump

Once again I have outwitted all of you and made it near impossible to guess my hump. I amuse myself sometimes.

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Week 28

Another Wednesday Mind Hump from our very own Friday! Thank you Susan, you’re loved by many! xoxo
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“When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters – one
represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.”
— Saul David Alinsky
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Week 17

This week it’s all about “New Music!” So why don’t we get warmed up with a little bit of “I say…You think…”
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Thanks everyone for their good luck wishes, support and prayers. They all helped out for sure.

Basically all the steps to complete my citizenship are done now… but I still have to take “the oath” and then I will be a full American citizen. This country has been very good to me and it has given me the opportunity to become what I am now. I am both thankful and proud of being in the process of becoming an American for sure.

The test was not hard but it was nerve wracking for sure. I had to wait for a couple of hours, not sure why but they were backed up… did not feel like asking. But the interview part went well, even thought the interviewer did not tell me I passed until the very end. I did get 100% but the questions were pretty easy. I think he asked me about 10 from the 100 possible ones, which I did study for.

Again, thanks everyone for your support :)

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