A Picture’s Worth

Ladies and Gentlemen… one of my pictures got featured over at David Chin’s website A Picture’s Worth. I love the website, there are some great pictures there and I am so excited that my summision got posted. Go visit his site and support it… it is worth your time :) Also post up here and let me know what you think of the picture and the write up… I guess it can be concidered my first published work ;)


I will also like to thank Mo. I had been to David’s website before, but after Mo got featured I sent my pic and article. ;)

8 Responses to A Picture’s Worth

  1. Great picture and the narrative was good too. It is always nice to admire the scenery on our way to our destination. It would make us less stressful. Congrats on having your picture publlished!

  2. I LOVE the photo. I admire anyone that can take good shots. My goal for NEXT summer is to get a really good digital camera and take a class in digital photography. Your first published work….let’s drink to that!

  3. Very Cool! and congrats Logtar. wanna arm wrestle now? laughs

  4. Great picture, man!

  5. Congratulations sweet pea. =)

  6. This was a great picture. Congratulation and the writing that when with it was excellent as well.

  7. Nice Work! I wonder who gave ya that Idea :)

  8. I like this picture. Its really nice!

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