“Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical, and expecting more than others think is possible.”
– Unknown.

I love motivational quotes; I think that if we think of one when we wake up in the morning or have a poster at home or at work that we look at, well we have a more positive outlook. Excellence is something I striver for. I used to strive for perfection when I was young but I now realize that perfection is not possible to achieve because lets face it we are human; however, excellence is something that we can definitely achieve.

I love the part in this quote that talks about dreaming, mainly because I am a dreamer and I think this allows me to be more of a positive thinker. I like dreaming about the future, about possibilities and idealize situation to be as excellent as possible. So what do you think about excellence, is it something you strive for, is it something you feel have achieved? Do you have a good example?

3 comments on “Excellence

  1. I totally agree with you. Somehow a perfectionism will never ever feeling contended in waterver he/she aimed for. Ultimately, so true that an excellence or watever valuable motivation quote, a compliment could really gain a person spirit, there is the umph…umph, of course, we then can feel this beautiful world, that is really excellence!…*yay*. For instance, when a subordinate being capable to help an organisation to gain a huge profit, by all means–“People who produce good results feel good about themselves” and again, “What motivates people is what motivates people”

    Ooo…sorry rambling on your blog…Have a lovely and nice day!

  2. I think and I know that noone is perfect, However seeking perfection doesn’t mean getting there. yet it means getting closer to it which you could call in this case Excellence.. My point is they are both related to achieve excellence you have to seek perfection in some sort.

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