::Not so much easy as addicted…::

Here once again for your reading pleasure is the Thursday Threesome :)

Onesome: Not so much– –to do now that school is out for the students? …or maybe a little too much to do for those student’s parental units? What are you up to this July? Back for Summer Sessions? …off to the beach? …headed out on a weekend adventure? Surely you must be doing something<g>!

Working, does that count. I am however going to a cabin towards the end of the month… logtar will be roughing it 😉

Twosome: easy as– Pie? Sure, how about your favorite pie? …and hey, homemade versus store bought! Would you rather have Mom’s Apple Pie or head on over to Marie C’s for a slice of heaven there?

Mom is not a baker, but someone special made a really awesome Strawberry pie for me, that is competing for the favorite spot. I have to was warm Apple pie is probably my all time favorite.

Threesome: addicted– Okay, what is it you are addicted to, that element of your life you simply cannot do without. Reading? The Net? Little porcelain dolls? Oh, yeah: Money? Nah, make it something you’d spend your spare change on…

Motorcycles. Addicted to speed I think :)

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