5 comments on “Weekend in Chicago

  1. Your niece is just the cutest little girl I have ever seen…
    I’m so happy to hear that your weekend went well, also. *big smile*
    Hope your motorcycle ride was a blast!

  2. Hi there – I linke dover from Friday’ site. You have a wonderful site and I love what I have read of your philosophies. I agree family should be the most important. I am very close with my family although it is tiny is size compared to yours. Love all your interesting links!

  3. aaawwww, your niece is cute! aren’t nieces adorable? :)

    i think my dad has a joe rocket jacket just like yours. i miss riding with my bro and dad. *sulk*

  4. Those pics were taken with your phone camera? Those are good! Looks like you and your neice have a great relationship! =)

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