Week 15

It’s time to put on your mamboing shoes again.

I’m going to do a few different things this week. So if you’re ready, let’s get warmed up with a little bit of “musical” I say you think…

flute:One time at band camp…
gibson:Guitar, I have one :)
baby:Would you be my baby :)
keyboard:Type faster
soul:I got lots of it 😉
center:Stage, I like the movie.
backup:singer, but hey… everyone should back up their data and blogs :)

Ok, now that we’ve warmed up, are you ready to Mambo? Just copy and paste the questions to your blog and get to Mamboing! What are you waiting for?

1. If you could have a career in the music industry, what would it be?
Singer for sure… part of a group if possible, kind of Linking Park, doing the rap parts :)

2. Do you know how to play an instrument? If not, what instrument do you wish you could play?
I think I can play guitar, but I do not practice so I suck. I would like to master the guitar, but also the piano.

3. What is your favorite way to enjoy music? ie..concert, tv, mp3 player etc…
In the car blasting with the windows down.

4. What is your favorite genre of music…or era of music or both?
90’s lots of alternative and Rap.

Now lastly, here’s something fun and different…or maybe not so different.

Describe your favorite band/artist to us in a paragraph and tell us why you like them. If you have a picture to share…show it to us. Tell us as much or as little as you like…just have fun!

I would have to say Maroon 5 because it is getting me through some rough times.

As always, when you finish Mamboing, come back and leave a comment here so we can come dance with you and share the Mamboing insanity.

From the madcap mamboers here at BDI…have a splendiforous Monday and a great week!

Many Hugs and Loads of Love

Dee, Friday, Sabra, Bliffy, Reesa, Andrea and Kelly


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