“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. ”
–John Fitzgerald Kennedy

So, here in America we once again celebrate independence day. It is surprising how many nations have independence days, America celebrates independence from Englad, Colombia celebrates on July 20th from Spain. We all love having the day off, and calling it a holiday but how many of us really stop to think about what it really means?

Our world is crazy, and even though we are not watching our backs 24-7 like our troops abroad, we should still be concious of the freedom that we enjoy thanks to their fighting. I am not starting a politcal debate, nor do I really care for one, but one thing we all should do is pray for our troops safe return home.

Now, onto the quote at hand. I believe that we should never settle, that we should always keep in fighting to better ourselves, our lifes and that of those around us… the moment we conform is the moment that we stop growing. While I hold this very true, I also remind you that it is important to cherish our accomplishments and enjoy them. Stop and give thanks for everything that you have right now in your life.

One last thing, God bless our troops.

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