Ok, this is the week a lot of you have been waiting on. Spiderman 2 opens, and the web-slinger (who in reality would have no shot at Kirsten Dunst) swings back into action against the evil Doc Ock. This week, our questions are about those quintessentially misunderstood, ill-treated, feared and respected champions of truth, justice and the Spandex Way: the Superheroes.

1) All right, have it out. What is the all-time greatest superhero movie?
In a movie, I say Blade is the coolest superhero.

2) What superhero movie has not been made that you’d like to see? Which existing one would you have redone from scratch?
Green Lantern, that would be an awesome movie to see.

3) What qualities would be necessary to elevate a superhero movie from a simple action film to a memorable motion picture? Is it possible?
This is difficult, but I think something that a lot of movies miss is the humanity of the character. The character has to have human qualities for it to translate well into movies in my opinion.

BONUS) Most superhero movies take place in a more-or-less realistic modern world. If a superhero actually appeared in your city today and started fighting crime, what would be the actual public reaction?
I think similar to what we see in the movies, a mix between hero, nut job and vigilante… I do not think our society would be very accepting of a real superhero.

Now, I do have to say that all of our armed forces fighting the war are heroes to me, and should be thought of as superheroes.

God bless our troops.

5 comments on “Superheroes

  1. Yep, I was slow sending out the notify. Please forgive me. lol. But thanks so much for playing. Great answers. And I agree… God Bless Our Troops.

    Have a wonderful day. =)

  2. I agree, Green Lantern. The ability to will into being anything, as long as its green—Kirsten Dunst, a SWAT Team loyal only to him, a dozen flying chainsaws to shred anyone, metal spikes coming out of the ground to scare his enemies. He doesn’t even have to point his ring, it will simply do his bidding.

  3. I came, I saw, and complied.
    My site address, and title contain a comment, and I have a question: Can anyone imagine Gautama Buddha, Isaiah, Voltaire, Gandhi, Albert Schweitzer, Lincoln, or Einstein not wanting Justice for human or non human animals?
    My concern is the murderous conduct of we humans affecting several million animals daily, that can neither speak for, or defend themselves.

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