Week 25

Today is Meteorite Day commemorating the 1908 meteorite crash in Central Siberia which caused the largest explosion in recorded history. As a warm-up and in observance of Meterorite Day, using the letters E-X-P-L-O-S-I-O-N list some odd habits or quirks you have. *Note: You can use “ex” for the “x”

Every morning I wake up and want to smile, I eXplain my behavior by saying that I am a Positive person. Laughter is the best medicine for any kind of depression. On my honor I want you to Smile and be cured of any problems you might have today. I challenge you to give smiling a try and start a new chapter with a bright Oulook on life today and have fuN.

Warmed up? Okie dokie. Don’t just sit there like a bump on a log, go copy and paste the hump on your blog!

01. You have the opportunity to make a movie with your favorite star, who would the star be and what would the title and the sub-title be? Example: Richard Dreyfuss :: Jaws :: Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water
Logtar and Edward Norton on ::The Big Score:: Stealing all the money in the world.

02. The lead story on the Eleven O’Clock News is about you … what have you done?
Logtar wins the lottery!

03. Blue laws are absolutely ridiculous laws that are still in law books across the nation. Example: In Devon, Connecticut, it is unlawful to walk backwards after sunset. Pick something that annoys the heck out of you and write the law against it.
in LogtarVille it is unlawful for males to wear red during even days of the week.

04. If you were in the story Alice In Wonderland, what character would you be and why?
Never really seen the movie, I think there is a cat with some weird colors, I think because of my nickname Gato I would probably be the cat.

05. If it did make a sound, what sound would your head make when you shake it?
The sounds maracas make 😉

aaaaaand … drum roll, please

Everyone had so much fun with the Guess-A-Hump last week we’ve decided to try it again!

Think of an item …

…don’t tell us what the item is. Now, describe that item in brief paragrah (the size, the color, etc) but don’t give it away. Okay, now you’re ready to hump it up. Replace the name of the item with the word “hump”. Other players will come to your blog and try to guess what your hump is. If you want to make it really interactive, let people ask yes or no questions. Tomorrow morning, post the answer to your hump and for big fun add a picture. If you don’t have a camera do a Google image search.

A Simple Sample (you can be more creative than this): My hump is black. My hump has many places where I can put stuff. My hump is big. My hump has a strap … what is my hump? Answer: My is hump is my purse.

If this Extra Fun Hump goes well we might make it a weekly meme called Guess-A-Hump.

My Hump is yellow, is long, but not too long, I see it every day and I sometimes have to touch it. It is extremely useful because I could not work without it. It is bendy :)

Ok, people go ahead and ask me yes and no questions.

Okie dokie – go children — do the humpty hump!

From the wild and wacky wenches on the staff of BDI … may the Hump be with you!

Hugs and Humpty Humps
Dee, Friday, Sabra, Bliffy, Reesa, Andrea and Kelly

Share the hump with a friend. Just copy and paste the URL below into an email and challenge them to come “out hump you” *wink*


10 comments on “Week 25

  1. Good morning! I want to say that your hump sounds like some kind of computer hardware fix-it thing. Flexible screwdriver/tweezers/thing???

    Oh, I didn’t understand your comment earlier?? Yes or no?? Sorry, I’m a bit dense today…

    Have a great day sweetie!! *hugs*

  2. Ok at first I was thinking a banana but no…that’s not it. Is your hump some sort of cable for your computer?!?

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