Re Guess-a-Hump

Since my hump could be seen on the picture on my blog… I have decided to re-hump. So people get ready to guess

My Hump is not being used right now but it can be at any time. My hump is black, but it can produce red light. My hump is also gray and has movable parts to it. I actually have four of my hump, but most people only have one.

10 comments on “Re Guess-a-Hump

  1. why do you have four and most of us have one? Hmm moveable parts. A clock no? digital alarm clock? .. *wonders*

  2. your questions are good, but none of them are yes or no questions… maybe the last one
    digital alarm clock? No

  3. Is it a laser pointer?

    Oh, by the way…I saw on the 11 o’clock you won the lottery…you share with your sisters, right? LOL

    *hugs* love ya

  4. LED light for a pc?? Or maybe a LED book light??

    *gosh, I stink at these… wanders sheepishly back to Daily Thoughts*

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