Week 14

Get out your dancing shows everyone, it’s Mambo time! And this week, it’s a special Mambo!

Let’s warm up a bit this week.

Using the word “Survivor” (no, not the band…you’ll see in a few minutes) list some bands you like, song titles or little tidbits about yourself for us to get to know you. Have fun with it!

Somewhere over ther rainbow,
Underneath your clothes,
Rocking around the Christmas three,
Vive la vida Loca,
Insane in the menbrane,
Volare, oh oh, Cantare,
Only love will keep us together,
Row, row, row you boat.

Now it’s time to Mambo like crazy. This week we’re doing a “Survivor” Mambo. Let’s play record executive this week. You have the choice to vote off up to 10 artists and musicians off the “Survivor — Mambo” Island. Who would they be and why?

“Survivor Mambo”
10 is a huge number, I do cannot even come up with 2. I am kicking myself of the Survivor Mambo.

So let’s get out there and Mambo like crazy! Remember to link back to us, and come back here and comment once you’ve Mamboed!

Share the Mambo with your friends!!! But most of all, have fun with the Mambo!


5 comments on “Week 14

  1. you can’t even come up with 2? Geeze..I could come up with about 20 more…

    Huggles to ya for givin the Mambo a go anyway :)

  2. I am just not too much of a music critiq, I like everything and what I do not like I think someone else might enjoy so I do not hate on any music at all :)

  3. Logtar!!!! Not even two? C’mon now … there must be at least one person who gets on your nerves. Erm…besides me I mean. LOL

    Great warm up answers!

  4. I’m not trying to be politically correct or anything, is just that with music, there is nothing I will not listen to, including Vanilla Ice… if someone jams to it, and has a good time with it, its fine by me. I like to hang out and enjoy music no matter how sucky it is. If I had to kick a song out, it will be my hearth will go on… but that is about it. That song emotionally scared me by the overplaying in the radio.

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