Ok, so yesterday I find a very interesting brain teaser which will turn into your homework after you read this post. And I really mean after because if you start now you could spend a conciderable amount of time yelling my name along with unappropriate words if you are right brained like I am. I sat there and overanalized the crap out of it when the key to it is to just read the instructions.

In any case, after that yesterday and sharing it with the people at the motorcycle board that I frequent, I had a converstion with Sabra this morning. And we started talking about crossword puzzles. I love all puzzles, I have tetris on my phone and every time I have a down moment or sit in a waiting room I play it. I also love word search and sliding block puzzles since I was a little kid. I can play any puzzle for hours, except crossword puzzles. I can come up tons of excuses… one that I am not patien enough to sit there and finish then, or I can always use the excuse that English is not my first language, but in Spanish I also suck a crosswords for sure. So is it some kind of mental block. I guess I need to add that to the list of to dos (to finish a full crossword puzzle.)

So, have you guys ever finished a newspaper crossword puzzle, love them, hate them? what is your fav kind of puzzle… or do you just dislike them all together.

Now go back and do that brain teaser, let us know how many rolls it took you. I admit it… it frustrated the crap out of me for sure… but you might get it in the first try.

10 comments on “Puzzles

  1. I got the right answer after 4 rolls. But don’t ask me how, I was just guessing. Because after that I never got it right again. LOL
    I will check it out again tomorrow coz at 2 am my brain is toast!

  2. I make some sense out of it…but it doesn’t really make sense to me at all. I think I’ll go back to Mahjong solitaire

  3. I dont like the bad dice…bad dice!! *running away and hiding*

    the only puzzles I like are crosswords and scrabble, but I dont think scrabble is considered a puzzle.

  4. I got 4 out of 7 correct but only because I was lucky at guessing. Did you figure out how it works? I have no patience for this kind of thing….heck I just figured out how to add a sig tag to my emails!! =)

  5. It took me a while to figure out what it wanted me to do. After a few wrong theories I found some hints with google and figured it out. I doubt I would have got it without the help of those hints. Maybe eventually. :)

  6. I love crosswords but am not smart enough to finish them. I’m also addicted to p0g0.com’s sweet tooth game.

  7. Nadia is so funny…. !!!!!
    But I agree…. the dice are VERY bad…
    I can’t understand the stupid game….LOL

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