Week 12 I think :)

The theme for this week is “Mood Music” so taking the first letters of the word “Mood” tell us something. Not necessarily about yourself…but something..be as creative as you like. Get that brain a mamboing!!

Mondays do not bother me, they always seem to start a little slow but I do not let that get to me. I like to just get the week going.
Oustanding hability to cope with life. I do not let it get to me cuz I am positive.
HOnest… too honest at time I am affraid.
Dependable. I like to concider myself extremely dependable.

Are you warmed up?

Ok…here goes.

1. What are some of the songs or albums that you play when you’re angry?
Maroon 5 believe it or not.

2. What songs or songs always manage to cheer you up when you are sad.
The whole Alice DeeJay CD.

3. Do you have any songs that you associate with a special time of your life? If so, what was the song, and tell us about the event that it makes more special?
Any kind of Spanish music reminds me of Xmas and the holidays because my family does a lot of dancing to it.

4. In the mood for love? What songs make you feel all warm and fuzzy?
Barry White and a lot of R&B

5. What song best describes the mood that you’re in right now?
a nursery rhyme… I am beat ZZzzzZzzzzzzzz

5 comments on “Week 12 I think :)

  1. I love Maroon 5! But not really when I’m angry. I like Stain’d or LIVE for that. lol

    I saw them on Pepsi Smash last week. He’s sooo skinny. OMG, how does that voice come out of someone so tiny??

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