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Onesome: School– Since the school year seems to be over (your mileage may vary: some of you are already in summer sessions!): what was your favorite year in school? Yeah, the one you had the best time in or learned something special or had that learning breakthrough?

Senior year, I did more than a couple :)

Twosome: Bus– Hey, how did you get to school in the early years? Walk? Bike? Mommy van? Bus? …and for those still attending, how are you getting to and fro these days?

Early years I used to walk, then bus.

Threesome: Stop– …and when did you stop going to school? …or did you? Are you still at it? Amy plans to go back for those who are out of the system?

I graduated HS 96 college 99, but I will be starting to take ASL in the coming months.

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  1. Very generous of Amy to go back for all of us that are out. Amy, could you please get me a Ph D in something? Maybe like chemistry or aeronautics or something.

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