I got beef, might as well cook it.

Most of the times memes are what saves me from not having anything to write… actually I do not write much because I still think I stink at it. But I am practicing here and there. Well a meme yesterday pissed me off. I have beef with this meme.

At first it start much like any other meme. But then it starts giving a tone to things that makes bloggers seem like self centered people. Are bloggers narcisitic… not necesarily. I think it is human to crave attention and empathy from others, I do not find blogging to be unhealty or selfish. I think it is something that people looking at it from the outside do not understand. Much like motorcycle riding, unless you have experienced it, I think you should have no opinion on the matter.

Why is it that non bloggers think that we as a group are just a bunch of people with either too much time on our hands or too self involved. That gets me into the obvious questions. Why do I blog then… and I think mostly because I want record of where I am at in life right now. Is a journal to me in many ways. But beyond that there are many other reasons that I did not even knew about. Like meeting some great people that have sage advice.

So I have beef with this sneaky meme… am I over reacting?

14 comments on “I got beef, might as well cook it.

  1. Not at all…..what terrible stereotypes to make! Ugh….dramatic people kill me. It had to be a teenage drama queen who wrote that one.

  2. I don’t think you’re over reacting at all. Bloggers fight enough stereotypes and misconceptions we don’t need meme’s and other bloggers who encourage the view. :(

  3. Well, I feel kind of attacked, but I know you’re not holding anything against me, but that meme. I took it lightly, in a funny way, being narcissistic. Sure weblogs are, especially personal weblogs. After all, it’s all about us and our own little lives, so…

  4. it’s just my personal opinion which together with a buck won’t even get you a cup of coffee but I had problems with the meme as well. Just the meme made me feel creepy. Memes ( or so I thought ) are supposed to be thought provoking or fun – that meme is just annoying (no offense Bea).

  5. Bea, this meme has nothing to do with you… you did not write it you just did it. Not a personal attack at all. Sorry if it came out that way… I was just really taken back by the questions. Your answers really speak for themselves… nothing negative at all.

  6. oh man… bloggers aren’t some special minority fighting for equality, stop making it sound that way. there are millions of us and if anything, we’re the most annoying people on the internet

  7. Not starting a crusade or anything here. I just saw something that irritated me because of the way it was presented and I posted about it.

  8. Oh! Forget about it! It’s only a meme 😉 And well, maybe according to the definition of Narcissism, weblogs are not narcissist. I would say they’re more “self-centered”. After all, it’s a showcase of our lives, we write about them, we look for attention (a weblogger who says he or she is not looking for attention is the biggest liar in the world), and that’s all about it. Now, think about this… Like Narcissus, if your weblog is a mirror, then I’m narcissistic because I look at my weblog ALL-DAY-LONG.

  9. I thought it was a little silly, although I did it on my blog as well. Blogs are suppossed to be narcissistic because they’re OUR daily journals about OUR daily lives. It’s all about US.

  10. I agree that we blog because we are narcissistic. I do to let off step and to jot my thoughts down, but it’s also fun. Like you, I like doing memes, be it to learn more about myself or to make me write about something when I can’t think of anything to say. I don’t think you overreacted. When I see a meme with questions I’m not comfortable completely, I won’t participate in it, either. Happy blogging. =)

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