Week 22

In honor of Ice Cream day which commemorates the day in 1786 that ice cream was first sold in the United states let’s start with a cool warm up. Using the letters of your favorite Ice cream reveal some quirky things about yourself. Don’t really have a favorite so let just go with ICE CREAM.

Insane about
Clean my glasses 3 or 4 times before a movie starts at the theater. I do not want any little specs affect my view.
Enjoys salty foods more than sweets.

Carry my wallet in the back pocket of my pants no matter what.
Return movies before they are done or I worry about it like I have broken some kind of law.
Eat raw hotdogs… well not raw but just right out of the package.
Absolutly have to take a shower every morning.
Morning person until the end. Thanks Mom 😉

Now that we’re warmed up let’s get humpin and have a total meltdown!

This week … a getting to know you hump!

01. You are a source of light. What are you and why?
Well the Sun off course. I think I am a warm person and I think of the sun as warmth and confort and happiness in a very carebear kind of way.

02. There’s a huge neon sign above your head everywhere you go … what is it flashing?
Sleep and F*… darn George Carlin… every time I hear neon sign I think of that comedy bit. I think if there was one right above my head it would say danger, and then in smaller letters… will tell you the truth and you might now want to hear it.

03. If you could be anyone’s blog, whose would you be and why? (Provide a link to that blog)
My number one choice right now I cannot link to :( but I would love to be that blog because I find a wealth of information about life just candidly put. But if I can be someone’s blog I would be Sabra’s… I mean how sexy is it 😉 read it :)

04. If you could have a vanity phone number, what would it be and what would it spell?
4LOGTAR… I have actually looked for it :) 475 4827.

05. Look around you …. name two odd things in your vicinity and explain why they are are there.
Easy. I have two little action figures. Let me show you a pic. One is the little Dinosaur from toy story… this one actually has a story to it. I saw him for about a month in my parking lot. Every day I would walk by but I figured that it was a kid’s that maybe dropped it getting out of the car or just play. I hoped that someone would pick him up. But after a month of him just being in the ground I took him and now he is roams around my desk. The other one is a Dragon that my partner in crime bought for me in one of our visits to Chicago. I am a dragon lover and have a pretty big dragon tattoo in my left arm.

http://bdinsanity.blogdrive.com <- You can hump too :)

7 comments on “Week 22

  1. Yay for the humpty answers! :) I’m going to try to kick my comments into working…dratted Haloscan dies when I need it most!

  2. Great answers, lovely answers, but I’m still reeling in shock that you’ve never *gasp* seen “It’s A Wonderful Life”…WTF!!! LOL
    Happy Hump Day logtar xoxo

  3. I have to have a shower every morning too. Can’t leave the house without one. Have a great day. =)

  4. Your answers are always awesome! I love these little insights to your life….
    I’m doing okay today – not necessarily great, but better. I swear I’m going to have an anxiety attack before it’s all over… but I’m just handling one foot at a time, with God’s grace ahead of me.
    Thank you for being here for me….it means so much to know that you care about my well-being *insert smile and hug here*
    Have a wonderful day!!

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