Week 11

This week’s mambo has a special theme — Movie Music!

So to get us warmed up, let’s start out by taking the word “Music” and see if we can come up with Movie titles using those 5 letters!

Minority Report. Even though this movie was not all that I had expected it still showed a lot of futuristic techonology that was just awesome. The research that the movie makers did using futurist made it remarkable and very possible.
Oceans 11. I am glad that there is a sequeal because I thought this movie was just cool… what is even better is that the cast is returning, how awesome is that?
Vertical Limit. Even though I did not think the movie was very realistic I think it was a decent story.
ICE AGE. One of the funniest movies ever… the squirrell rocks.
E.T. One of the first movies that I recall watching at a movie theater.

It is either too early or I do not know what, but I just went to Andrea’s blog and realized that I f*ed up the meme, so now I have to do the word music.

The Matrix
Underworld. Excellent movie, excellent story line. Love it.
Snatch. First movie that made me think of Brad Pitt as an actor.
Independence Day, just an overall fun movie to watch.
Con Air, poped into my head, Sweet Home Alabama.

So are you warmed up for the summer movie season? Are you warmed up for the soundtracks that go with them? Yay! Let’s mambo…movie soundtrack style.

1. What movie soundtrack is your absolute favorite?
Not huge into movie soundtracks, but I do have to say that the Matrix Movie soundtrack is one that I have listened to quite a bit even after the movie lore died off.

2. What movie wouldn’t be as great if it didn’t have such and awesome soundtrack?
I think Blade is one of the best movies ever, but I think the beggining club scene sets the tone. That has to be one of my favorite movie moments.

3. How many movie soundtracks to you own? (you don’t have to be precise a rough estimate is fine)
The Romeo and Juliet(the one with Claire Daines and Leo DeCap) soundtrack and Forrest Gump Sountrack.

4. Have you ever bought a movie soundtrack and not seen the movie?
For the longest time I had the Forrest Gump soundtrack because I had that club america stuff that will just send you things… well I did not watch the movie until years after.

5. If your life was going to be made into a movie, what songs would you want included on the soundtrack?
The Club scene song from Blade will open up the movie on a similar fasion. Then there will be tons of Salsa and Merengue… I am talking lots, it would be just a dance musical. Then at the end there will be an ending love song, with Everything I do, I do it for you by Brian Adams.

So what’s stopping you? Go Mambo to your favorite movie soundtrack, but remember to come back here and leave a comment so we can mambo by your blog as well.

We like to share the insanity, so why shouldn’t you. Remember to link back to us when you’ve finished!


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  1. Aww, Everything I do, I do it for you. I used to listen to that song 100 times a day. I also had an unhealthy obsession with Kevin Costner’s backside. So yeah… The lovely Robin Hood phase.

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