This weekend

Well I have sooo many plans for this weekend is not even funny… at first I tought that Great America was going to be the destination, but after some concideration from my partner in crime we decided to make the destination Cedar Point.

I will try to do the moblog upload as much as I can. Tonight though we are going out to dinner with friends and then meeting everyone else out for Dart night. So really looking forward to tonight. Have a great weekend.

4 comments on “This weekend

  1. The Point is awsome…. Enjoy the Coasters…
    I can’t wait for my daughter to get old enough to enjoy the place with me so i can go back on my regular scheduled once a month getaways

  2. Hope the rain doesn’t get to ya in Cedar Point…Geeze…It’s been years since I was there…and it’s only a few hours away. :(

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