Week 3 Theater Thursday

The Day After Tomorrow has opened to rave great passable some reviews, and disaster movies are once again in vogue. This week’s Theatre Thursday questions are about those motion pictures that make us want to avoid the water, planes, tall buildings, large cruise ships, angry atomic reptiles and everything in general that makes life enjoyable…

1) What’s your favorite disaster movie of all time?
Twister by FAR.

2) Do you prefer a disaster movie with tons of special effects, carnage and general mayhem (i.e. Armageddon) or would you rather see one where the focus is on the people and the event’s effects on their lives (i.e. Deep Impact)?
I think it is more important to look at the personal impact and how humans can react to adversity.

3) Of all the disaster movies you’ve seen, which depicts the most realistic portrayal of what might happen in an actual disaster? Which was the most far-fetched?
I think twister was pretty good on that level, but I just love that movie.

Bonus) Which character would you be if you were in a disaster movie – the tough hero, the corrupt businessman who profits from it all, the old lady who runs around and screams “We’re doomed!!!”, the kid who saves the day, the young guy who buys it in the first five minutes of the disaster, or another stock character?
The kid that saves the day for sure

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  1. I enjoyed Twister. I enjoyed your answers. Enjoy your weekend. Your joobot is enjoyable. Ok, thats enough. =)

    Thanks so much for playing.

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