Week 21

Today is also National Rocky Road Day. As a warm up, using the letters R-O-C-K-Y-R-O-A-D reveal some interesting facts about you.

Runner I am not, I like the eliptic running machine but not a regular threadmill or running outside. Walking is more my thing.
Outspoken… didn’t use this one before. Well, what the heck… I said it again, got a problem.
Concise I am not either, I like to ramble on, and on and on.
Kelly is a name that I have always found sweet people to have. My friend T’s kid and a couple of friends, all cool people.
Yard sale hunter… not really, but I have bought a couple of things at them and would some day get better at it.
Rapper wannabe, yes you got it, I will rhyme and fail at it misserably at it.
Oatmeal lover. Best health food there is. (Avena) a drink made out of oatmeal is one of my fav.
Admirer of the women beauty. Women are beautiful creatures.
Daydreamer. I need no motivation for this, just any downtime and I win the lottery and it goes from there.

Okay, now that we’re all warmed up let’s move on to a little Mind Humping fun with “I say ___, you think ___.” In response to the following list of words enter the first words, phrase, idea or thought that comes into your ever humpin’ mind. Ready? Put on your humping caps.

01. bright :: Star
02. twister :: The Movie… I should just watch it today.
03. marshmallow :: Chocolate, well Cocoa (but in Spanish we call it Chocolate as in Cocoa the drink)
04. bud :: weis – er *Frog Voice*
05. master :: Hamster
06. blink :: Boink… I love the work Boink.
07. sauve :: yes that would be me.
08. bikini :: Teeny winny yellow polka dot bikini.
09. dash :: Mad
10. elementary :: My dear Watson, funny thing is that I read somewhere that the line was never in the original novels… go figure.

Share the hump with a friend. Just copy and paste the URL below into an email and challenge them to come “out hump you” *wink*


8 comments on “Week 21

  1. LOL! Loved the Bud-weis-er answer!! But gee not sure the name Kelly belongs to sweet people! Think I’m more sour than sweet! lol Great answers as always!!

  2. Oh gawd! Bud-weis-er….Brilliant, Logtar! Also like the sauve answer. I’m going to start calling you Rico Sauv-Vay! LOL *hugs* to you and a few *hump, hump, humps* Ooo just saw your unky mood…Hope your headache goes away *kisses Logtar’s temples*

  3. lol….Running is for wimps….try a spinning class. Those were created by Satan, himself. BTW – your JooBot is cute!

  4. Reader of blogs
    Overlooked occasionally
    Cocky at times
    Kirk is hubbys name
    You are a great friend
    Running is something I would like to get good at.
    Oceans make me feel calm
    Art Full
    Deirdre is my name. 😉

    01. bright :: Sun
    02. twister :: Game
    03. marshmallow :: White
    04. bud :: Flower
    05. master :: hum…
    06. blink :: Eyes
    07. sauve :: Shampoo
    08. bikini :: Not
    09. dash :: Board
    10. elementary :: School

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