Troy (****)

Starring Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Diane Kruger, Peter O’Toole, Sean Bean, Saffron Burrows, and Julie Christie… Throughout time, men have waged war. Some for power, some for glory, some for honor — and some for love. (Warner Bros.)

I have to say that I went to this movie with mid to low expectations, which I have always found to be the best way to approach a movie. The action did not wait for no stinking story… it just started. I have to say that Brad Pitt ranks as a better actor in my book after this film. His performance was not just believable it was flawless. Orlando Bloom’s character was a little weak… I really wanted it to kick a little more ass, but oh well. The movie was long but only by the clock because while in there the time flew. It did not feel like a long movie at all. If anything I wanted it to keep on going.

Do not want to go into it to much and spoil it, but if you have seen it go ahead and comment. So stay clear of the comments until you actually watch the movie.


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6 comments on “Troy (****)

  1. OMG!!! What an awesome movie!!! It was a really great story, and had a whole lotta eye-candy! *wink, wink*
    Brad Pitt has always been one of my favorites, but Banna jumped up a few notches since I have seen him in Troy…

  2. I tend to hate Brad, however I really liked the movie.

    Oh and that scene in which “Achilles” kills that big dude was really fascinating…

  3. By Hollywood standards, it was good enough. But I guess no one can really capture the essence of the Iliad in just one movie. My only complaint is that Helen of Troy wasn’t really beautiful enough to lanunc a thousand ships.

  4. OOps I meant launch a thousand ships. Brad Pitt’s acting was overshadowed by the strong screen presence of Eric Bana. Paris was really a wimp. Orlando Bloom is best left to be remembered as Legolas. LOL

  5. I liked the movie too. This is the only movie I’ve seen with Brad Pitt and he was better than I had expected: the eye candy was way great.

  6. It’s the best movie I’ve ever seen, whe I went to see it I was expecting a good movie with some cool special FXs, but when Aquiles killed that giant with one jump I couldn’t believe it. Since that moment I really introduced me in the movie, and 15 minutes later (for me) the movie was ending and I didn’t want to leave my chair. The only thing that really piss me off is the Hector’s death. (Sorry about my bad english ok????)

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