Week 17

This week a “getting to know you” theme with an insane twist.

First, a warm up. in celebration of our fresh and “Spring”y layout, using the letters B-O-I-N-G reveal five things about yourself. You can use just one word or just chatter, chatter, chatter. Either way, just go crazy!

You DO NOT have to ask me to go CRAZY twice… here we go

Even before we start, BOING has always sounded naughty to me :)

Best friend you can ever have. I truly believe this to be true, once you become my friend I am willing to do almost anything. But after being burnt a couple of times I have kept my giving out friend status to a counted number of people. I do feel like I am slowly opening up again and becoming more like I used to.
Overbearing, as a friend I used to push my advice a lot, and I also used to think that I was always right. I have little by little gotten over this and realized that people live their lives in their own way. I also realized that my advice is good, but it is just that advice, I do not get as attached to the advice as I used to.
Interpreter. I have done Spanish <> English interpretation in the medical field.
Naughty… I am sure everyone has figured that one out already :)
Goal driven… I like to set goals in life and achieve them. It is very satisfying.

Now…we wouldn’t leave you with just half a hump so here’s the rest so you can have the hump, the whole hump and nothing but the hump! Let’s hump, shall we?

01. If your blog were scratch and sniff, what would it smell like? Today Eternity, that is what I am wearing… weird because I have not used it in quite some time, my every day smell is Addidas Moves.

02. Which horror movie monster are you most like and why?A Vampire, Lestat… I am a monster with style and sex-appeal LOL.

03. If you were being sold in a Walmart, which department would you be in and what exactly would you be? Would you be on sale?Probably in Electronics, some kind of interesting gadget… no I would not be on sale, I would be the most expensive one of my kind.

04. Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Which element would you be. What form of that element would you be and why?Wind, I think I used this before but I was quite proud of what came out… wind can be a delicate and a summer breeze or as strong an destructive as a hurricane or a tornado.


“How are we to be patient with our partner’s, our children’s, our friends’, and our neighbors’ faults if we are impatient in dealing with our own? They who are fretted by their own failings will not correct them. All profitable correction comes from a calm and peaceful mind.” – St. Francis de Sales

Well, I have not put a quote out here in a while so I tought it will be a good entry today. I have been dealing with stuff at work and I tought that a quote on patience will help me out a lot. This one is a very good entry and my interpretation of it is that before we can begin to be patient towards others we have to be patient with ourselves. I can be really introspective at times, and I do see a lot of my faults. I try to work on them but this quote reminds me of being patient with myself, so that I can also be patient towards other.

Are you patient with yourself?

Finally :)

So here we go…

Think of all the songs you have ever heard in your life..*thinking*..if you could have written any ONE of them which would it be and why?

This question is hard, many songs carry a lot of feeling on them but a good singer really makes the difference IMHO. One that I would like to take credit for writting would be Everything I do, I do it for you… Brian Adams for love and For life, La Vida es Un Carnaval, Celia Cruz. I will translate and post the lyrics some time today if I get a chance.

Just to add a little more fun to your lives here is some ‘I say, You think’…the only thing is anything I say you have to think of something music related.

1. oklahoma::Country
2. cat:: Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat
3. sun::Like a blister in the sun, let me go on…
4. coffee::Alanais Morriset… cannot figure out why
5. lotion::Hey Lover, LLCoolJ
6. train::Tren al Sur, Prisioneros.
7. candy cane::I smell sex and Candy
8. phone::The Phone call… one of the boy bands
9. tummy::Trumpet…WTF is this… a song about a tummy. Or I could go the “sana que sana culito de rana way”
10. bob::Seager

Just a Monday, but a good monday

Well, I have not had just a regular post in quite some time… and I know today is Monday Music Mambo day but I wanted to post about the week and the weekend and just eveything… hey aren’t blogs for that any way.

Well begining with my neighbors having cool content, I think the little 3 question thing was awesome and even though no one got really out of hand(they all said were going to) we had some fun. Also put the radio blog up, what a cool concept, hopefully bandwith will be ok, I never really pay too much attention. Thanks to Sabra for all her help in getting that running.

This weekend was a quiet one, lots of chilling and just watching movies. I still have to review Timeline, but I am debating if I should re-read the book and do a little comparison. Now this week and next will be fun, but I might not be posting much. I will try to keep the moblog going because I will be in VEGAS :) one of my friends is getting married and I will be leaving Thursday :) wooohooo. Ok, for now this is it… about to finish the Monday Music Mambo.

*tag me with what songs you like dislike from the radio blog… please :)*