Nature vs Man Built

Did not want to really rant today, but I am really upset that the first meme I did is not gone. Well, hopefully a new Friday meme will come and do a lot better. I really use meme’s as a crutch. I would love to have more time to write but I really do not with work and life in general. Meme’s allow me to do guided writting but today I need to write and I do not have the meme outlet.

So, one of my friends got me into a discussion that I tought was pretty simple. I stated an opinion and I thought it would not be something that would cause any kind of controversy at all… but I guess it did… so now I have to rant about it to see what people really think.

As you have read I just came back from Las Vegas. The trip out there was due to one of my good friends getting married, Vegas is not what I would call in my top 10 destinations, but if a friend is going there and I can join him or her I would go. I like vacationing with friends, it adds a new layer to things. That said I was not going to miss that wedding if I could help it, there was reasons for me not to go, but I did my best and enjoyed the time out there. Many people at this point will be thinking, why would anyone not jump at any opportunity to go to Vegas, and for me it was that I am not a gambler. Now that I have been there for pleasure (I had been there for business before) I have reasons to go back, but also reasons why I still prefer other places for my vacations.

Now that the set up is out of the way, the topic is Nature vs ManBuilt. I think that Vegas has awesome structures, and even though a lot of them are just replicas for things that exist somewhere else, they are still very cool to look at. My opinion though is that nothing that man can build will ever top God’s creation in my eyes. If I was given the oportunity to go to New Zeland and Vegas, there would be no question as to which one to pick. Or even if I was in Vegas, which I did not get to do because of time constraints, I would be more interesting on going motorcycle riding in to the Grand Canyon than just riding a big bike up and down the strip. I am not saying that man built structures are not beautiful… I am just saying that for me Nature is a lot more awe inspiring. What do you think?

Friday and Saturday recap

Well Friday was traveling day. I woke up about 2 am in the morning after getting just a couple of hours of sleep and I drove to Detroit(from here a 2 hour drive). Got there and for the most part it was not hard even though a couple of streches or road were super straight and boring but I just rolled down the window and stayed awake.

The plane ride out there was not bad at all. The plane left around 7 am and it seemed to be a quick flight. The on board movie was the Italian Job. I had already seen this movie and because of Ed Norton on it I deem it watchable, but I did not pay for the headphones, and the flight crew turned the sound off… so whatever. I just listened to music. After the movie they had Everybody loves Raymond episodes, which did have sound so I plugged my headphones off the MP3 player and watched the show. I like the show, but I have to say the episodes that they showed were classic. One was the one with the dancing and the other one was with the football that Franks steals. When we approached the Rockies the pilot announced it and I got to take a picture.

The Vegas is a great place, nice weather, everyone happy, but over all it feels like it has no soul… meaning it feels almost sterile… maybe because it is a desert? or maybe because everything about it is geared towards “fun”

I am not a gambler so that is probably the biggest problem, I cannot bring myself to gambling money. But I was not there just for me, I was there because my good friend Chad was getting married. And let me tell you, I have never seen a more beautiful wedding. I am not sure if it was the sunset or the bride or the words the minister said, but it really spoke to me and the beauty of marring someone you truely love. The pictures I took of the wedding are here. Pictures of Vegas are here

The rest of the time there was just pure relaxation time… but I did get to rent a scooter and ride around the next day… but I did not wear sunblock, big mistake… not too bad, but I did get a little darker than I wanted to and my nose is now peeling. Well, I am glad to be back and I might do some more posting later. For now I am about to do the WEDmindHUMP.

Late Week 18

First, a warm up. in celebration of the 1812 birthday of Edward Lear, the man who popularized the limerick, reveal seven things about yourself using the letters N-A-U-G-H-T-Y. One word a hundred words, it doesn’t matter – just hump it, baby!

Nearsighted, or is it farsighted… either way I have issues with my vision, the worst being astigmatism.
Affectionate. I like to think that I am an extremely affectionate person.
Untouchable. LOL I could not come up with anything better.
Great thanks for asking.
Happy too, thanks for asking again.
Tired of not having enough words for MEME’s the funny thing is that I could just get up and look at a dictionary, but no I am not going to.
Young at heart, yea I know I am still a pup, but I want to always stay young at heart.

There’s nothing worse than an idle hump. Now that we’re warmed up, let’s get humping, shall we?

01. You are a character from a children fairy tale or nursery rhyme. Who are you and why?
Robin Hood for sure, I like to help people.

02. You are a magic potion. What is your main ingredient(s) and what are you used for?
Dragon’s heart and Phoenix tears, and I would be used for healing.

03. Tell us your favorite joke, It can be naughty but clean up the language, puhleeze.
I have too many to tell, do not have a favorite really. Let see a short one and also PG… If you bred a Bulldog and a Shitzu what do you get?… *evil grin*

04. Imagine you’re in the Old West. What town character would you be and what would your colorful nickname be? Example: School Marm – Old Widow Maples
I would be the barkeep and I would be Johnny Secrets.

05. You are a mythological diety/god. What are you the god of? What offering(s) would worshippers lay at your feet? If one displeased you how would you smite them?
Hrm… if I had to pick an existing one I would probably be Zeus… now totally made up I would be the god of Wind and I would want food as my offering and would not smite anyone, I am a cool chilly breezy kind of god.

I’m back

Sorry for not posting about me leaving, but I don’t do that most of the time… I just talk about it afterwards… some of you might have caught the tag I left. Well I spent the weekend in Vegas for one of my friends weddings, tomorrow when I wake up I will be posting pictures and talking a lot more about it… til then

A wedding theme today???

Lets play Thursday Threesome anyways :)

Onesome: Something old- Do you have anything that you’ve owned simply forever? A cherished childhood toy, an antique handed down through the family…

Not really, I think one my oldest possessions besides pictures off course is my senior Tshirt. I do have pictures of when I was born in my possesion.

Twosome: Something new- Buy anything new lately?

Not lately, I cannot remember the last purchase I really made besides groceries. I will however buy a new memory card today to take on my Vegas trip.

Threesome: Something borrowed- Ever borrowed anything and never returned it?

Do not like to borrow much, I am actually the one that people borrow from and never return it. Actually I do have something. My friend John P during college let me borrow a bike rack, and I kept it… I concider it mine now 😛 did nor remember about it until I got a bike again.

Bonus: Something blue- See anything blue from where you are? What is it?

Mousepad is mostly blue. Mouse is also Blue.