::Learning to Ride::

Onesome: Learning– Hey, what would you like to learn how to do this Summer? Learn to ride a motorcycle (like Sarah)? Learn PHP? Learn how to chill out and vegetate properly (lessons available <g>)?

I would like to learn sign language this summer, but I think I might have to wait until the fall, the class is all filled up now :(

Twosome: to– Too? Two? Okay, two things you are positively not going to learn how to do! Ever!

Hrm, this is a hard one, because I would like to learn pretty much everthing under the sun… that is probably one of my flaws that I want to do it all. But I would probably never learn how to climb a phone post with the spiky shoes or how to ice climb… not a huge heights fan.

Threesome: Ride– Speaking of motorcycles: Do you ride? Did you ever ride? …or do you just enjoy them? …or maybe, “No way!”?

Yes, I rode a motorcycle before I even ever drove a car on my own. I was about 8 when I first starting riding my Dad’s bike on my own. Ever since I have been hooked, there is nothing that I like to do more to release stress than ride… I am bikeless right now but hopefully that will not be for too long.

A little sad, here is what I am missing back in Chicago :( my club gets together every wednesday this was last night :(

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