Week 20

Today is also National Blueberry Cheesecake day. As a warm up, using the letters B-L-U-E-B-E-R-R-Y reveal some interesting facts about you.

Born on the same date as 2 good friends.
Lime lover, pick them over lemons every single time.
Unbeliebably stubborn at times, but working on it :)
Enthusiastic about life.
Breakfast addict, have to have it every morning. Everyone should.
Entrepenurial, or at least would like to be in the near future.
Rapid to answer e-mail.
Recover easy from a night of partying :)
Young at heart… I never grew up past 16. I am sure you can tell.

Alrightee Then! Now that we’re warmed up – let’s hump, shall we?

This week a “getting to know you hump” with an insane twist. Ready? Set! HUMP!

01. You are battery operated – what are you? What size batteries do you require and how many?
MP3 player and I hold your whole music collection, I require on tripple A battery and it last a month of continuous playback.

02. Ohmigosh! You’re on the cover of the National Inquirer (or other trash magazine)! What is the headline? Give us an except for the inside story?
The amazing flying man. The inside story is pretty simple. I can fly.

03. If you could be ANY sex symbol (living or dead) who would it be and why? What question do you think you’d most get asked?
What are you talking about, I am a sex symbol. How did I get those dimples is the question I get asked all the time. Ok, ok, I will answer the meme… not sure, I think I am cool with my face, maybe someone else’s chizeld body. No one in particular.

04. You are lighter than air, you float. C’mon, introduce youself – what are you?
Ok, now what is it that you guys are smoking over there at BDI… this one is just way out of my league. I am Superman?

05. Your blog just won an award for being the best. What is it for? You’ve also also been given an “award” for being the worst. What is it for.
The best movie review ever. The worst meme abuser.

Extra credit hump: In honor of National Blueberry Cheesecake Day, what’s the most creative use for a blueberry you can conjure up?
First lets make you think dirty… LOL no just kidding. I think blueberry pankcakes are not the most creative thing but they are an awesome thing to make for someone else for breakfast :)

Happy Humping!

Share the hump with a friend. Just copy and paste the URL below into an email and challenge them to come “out hump you” *wink*


7 comments on “Week 20

  1. teehee!! Loved your answers….I was lost on the “you’re lighter than air” question too……..
    It was tricky today…
    Have a great day!! **hugs**
    PS – You sound like you could be Brad Pitt in question #3. *wink*

  2. Thanks for trying to help. I had already ran a virus scan. When I got online today it was still acting up and kicking me off every 10 minutes. But now, it seems to be doing ok. Maybe it was AOL. Maybe I just jinxed myself and I will get booted in about 5 seconds.. 4,3,2,1.

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