Monday Music Mambo

Are you crazies ready to rock the house with some Mambo action this Monday? I know you are!!

So lets get warmed up….Mambo around the room a few times. No, don’t do that, you might be at work and people will think you’re crazy!!

*People think I am crazy already so, I am just shaking in my seat, how is that?

Let’s start out by telling us a bit about yourself using the words “Mambo”

More than you can handle for sure :)
Aim to please, that’s for sure :) would you like to dance
Mama tought me how to dance and I have not stopped since
Bailar (To dance) is my passion and I cannot deny
Out all night dancing is where I want to be.

And since we’re all in a dancing kinda mood….here’s the rest. It’s a bit of “I say, you think,” but with a twist.

I’m going to say one word…and you list as many things as you want that come to mind when you see it.

Are you ready?

Are ya sure?

Here it is…..

Is my life, cannot think of anything else that makes people smile as much as dancing. Dancing is in my blood, it is just what I love to do. I am a dancing fool… was this supposed to be a word list? I probably messed it up already didn’t I … lets give that a try
Shake it :)

So if you’re ready….get dancing..and remember to come back and comment when you’re done and let us know your mamboed. (I like mine Italiano style)

Big Monday Mambo Hugs from all of us crazies here at BDI….We loves ya…and we want to mambo with ya….so what are you waiting for?

4 comments on “Monday Music Mambo

  1. oh la la I wish I could dance as well as you do. I’m too rigid. Btw thanks for the info on ad aware and spybot. I will check it out! Keep dancing 😉

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