Good Monday

Buenos Dias, I am in such a good mood this morning. We had terrible weather all weekend so seeying some sun sneak in between the clouds I guess makes me smile more than usual. I have mentioned it before that I love the sun, but I cannot say enough about what it can do for one’s mood. I love it.

This weekend was an excellent weekend, did not do much besides cleaning and relaxing but it was just what I needed. This morning I slept a little later than I usually do. I am a freak that has to wake up an hour early just to make sure I have time to relax in the morning and do not have to rush… but today I slept a little longer and I think that helped. Then I went to McD’s and got myself some coffee, I have not gotten coffee there in quite some time. I was pleasently surprise to taste actual decent coffee, out of McD’s.

Hopefully the Monday Mambo gets posted soon, if not everyone have a very sunny, happy week.

2 comments on “Good Monday

  1. Happy Opposite Day, or something. You are having a great day, I am having a crappy one. Let’s switch. I’ll be logtar. You’re Misty.

    Just kidding, I need this body, I have a date later. lol.

    Have a great week. =)

  2. I’m not sure if I should feel honored that you would trade places, or offended that you need the view before the switcheroo.

    I tried to make that rhyme. Could ya tell?

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