My Friday Meme is gone now

Friday Five, the first meme I ever did is now gone and I do miss it. I am not sure why but memes are a really good thing for me right now. I have lots of things to write about, but I want to wait to become a little better of a writer to really make them justice. Memes allow me to be funny without feeling like I am trying too hard to. I love humor and love making people laugh, but I am not much of a writer of funny stories… at least not yet.

This week has been super busy at work, and I have barely had time to even think, but I love it when work gets that way. The workdays go by so much faster. I have been dealing with tons of data and it finally caught up to me and I had to clean up some space yesterday. Now the computer is running tons faster. But lets move on from that onto what is really bothering me. I miss having a bike, I got rid of my bike when I moved to Michigan and now I realize that it was not necessary to do so… but I am not about regret so just thinking of the future will be better… I do not want to get into debt by financing a brand new one but it is almost the only option I have now. I guess I will just be patient and wait for the right moment.

Riding a motorcycle is something that you cannot explain… you either get it or you don’t. It is a feeling that mixes freedom with empowerment… being one with the machine, but like I said, you have either experienced and loved it or not. Another thing about bikes is that they are an awesome way to relieve stress, only comparable to working out or martial arts… but to me riding a bike is at the top of the list and I miss that… I miss that way too much.

I am not depressed by any means, on the contraire I am actually very hopeful and wishful, that it will soon be summer and I will be riding again. And I also have the chance to be up in a cabin by a lake in a couple of months, which I know will be an excellent experience that will change me for the rest of my life… so I know this summer is going to be awesome.

4 comments on “My Friday Meme is gone now

  1. Ok, I’m a nerd. But you’re a geek, you said so yourself. So movie geek, I’m gonna e-mail you with next week’s movie topic. Let me know if you can think of any good questions.

  2. You couldn’t have picked a better topic than iron horses. To pack up and hit the open road with the wind in your hair, and the sun at your back, and nothing gets in the way of enjoyment, not even the bugs in your teeth. LOL. Seriously. I love motocycles. You have awakened an age old gnawing hunger within me. Thanks buddy. Now where am I Gonna find a motorcycle on such short notice? Huh? Smile, and may all your dreams come true.

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