Animal Kindom

Thanks to Misty for pointing me to this meme… lets give it a try

1. Out of the corner of your eye you see something crawling across the desk – something with a lot of legs and antennae. Do you calmly flick it off with your fingers, smash it to a pulp or run screaming out of the room?

I calmly flick it onto my hand (or a peice of paper it seems something that could byte) and take it outside into the grass. If it is winter outside, then just flick it into the garbage can.

2. Lions, barracudas, sharks, eagles and tarantulas; predators all. What predator would you be (need not be from this list)?
Predator a Wolf for sure. But second on the list would be a big cat, a Jaguar :)

3. If you could have the attributes of one animal while retaining your human form, what would you pick? e.g. a bird’s flight, a snake’s venom, breathing underwater like a fish etc.
Probably a birds flight. Or maybe a bat better, being able to have that sonar radar has to be super cool along with flying.

4. If you had a choice to give up your life and its worries and responsibilities and be a bird – would you make the switch?
I don’t think so… I think that I can be myself and still be able to have fun and be carefree… that is what a motorcycle ride does for me, makes me a free as a bird.

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