Memelicious today

Third meme today… wow… this one I just liked the title.

the pain is false. the knowlege is real.

[ Full Name ]:John Freddy
[ Nicknames ]: Gato, Logtar
[ Born in ]: Cali, Colombia
[ Resides in ]: Midland, Michigan
[ Good student? ]: I was, cannot wait to start my Masters or take some courses soon.
[ Eyes ]: green-hazle
[ Hair ]: Brown, getting lighter as I get more sun.

Last time you..
[ Had a nightmare]: Do not remember the latest one… most of the time they are of me searching for someone I love that is getting attacked.
[ Ate at McDonald’s ]: Last night I am affraid
[ Brushed your hair ]: Nope, short enough that I just have to put gel and use my hand and it is all done
[ Washed your hair ]: this morning
[ Checked your e-mail ]: about an hour
[ Cried ]: recently I am affraid. I had not cried for quite some time, but I have cried more in the past month than in years.
[ Calle- someone ]: Yesterday, my best friend.
[ Smiled ]: This morning on my way to get coffee.
[ Laughed ]: Yesterday on the phone with my best friend.
[ Talked to an ex ]: About a couple of weeks ago, had to, not wanted to.

Do you..
[ Smoke? ]: nope
[ Do drugs? ]: nope
[ Have sex? ]: not right now
[ Sleep with stuffed animals? ]: nope
[ Have a dream that keeps coming back? ]: yes, the nightmare is one reocurring, and another one is in a school like building, but that one is just reocurring not a nightmare.
[ Play an instrument? ]: the guitar, but I can only play 5 chords and not really good at it… need to practice and really learn.
[ Believe there is life on other planets? ]: not really sure. Depends on the day.
[ Remember your first love? ]: Not sure about this one… because my notion of love is all broken now.
[ Read the newspaper? ]: Not as much as I used to.
[ Have any straight friends? ]: ???Interesting question. Yes.
[ Consider love a mistake? ]: No.
[ Like the taste of alcohol? ]: Not particularly .
[ Believe in God? ]:YES
[ Pray? ]: YES
[ Go to church? ]: Not as much as I would like to, have not found one that I feel good at yet.
[ Have any pets ]: Yes, cat Shayla.
[ Talk to strangers who instant message you]: Hrm, for the most part no, but I do with some of the people that I met thru the blog… but I do not concider them strangers… random people that pop me a message no.
[ Wear hats? ]: SportCaps
[ Have any piercings? ]: Left Ear. Don’t wear an earing anymore but I still can get an earing in, tried a couple of weeks ago.
[ Have any tattoos? ]: Left upper Arm… my dragon.
[ Hate yourself? ]: Not at all.
[ Have an obsession? ]: Learning new things.
[ Have a secret crush? ]: No
[ Collect anything? ]: Not really
[ Like your handwriting? ]: Yes, when I have time to sit down and write slow (almost never) I think I have a decent handwritting.
[ Have any bad habits? ]: Eating unhealthy
[ Care about looks? ]: I can honestly say not over intelligence and other qualities. I care about chemistry more than looks.
[ Friends and other people? ]: I do make friends with friends of friends… if that is what this question is.
[ Believe in witches? ]: Not really, fascinating but not really.
[ Believe in Satan? ]: Yes
[ Believe in ghosts? ]: Never seen one, but I have felt presences… not sure if I would call that a ghost though.

[ Dress ]: Monkey suit… not quite, just pants, shirt and tie.
[ Mood ]: Awake and laborious… got tons to do.
[ Make-up ]: None
[ Music ]: Maroon 5 Still, but listening to BEP more.
[ Taste ]: French Vanilla coffee.
[ Hair ]: Typical, just normal workday look.
[ Annoyance ]: the rain
[ Smell ]: stuffy nose, no smell for me
[ Thought ]: Is my process done?
[ Book ]: The Spirtuality of Computers
[ Fingernail Color ]: None… did I just take a girl only meme or something.
[ Refreshment ]: DPepsi like always,
[ Worry ]: Will I ever find love?

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  1. awww. you like the title i gave my entry. it’s actually not the name of the meme/ survey thingie. i just give out random titles that make no sense to my entries. makes ya think, huh??

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