::Beginnings, Middles and Ends::

Onesome- Beginnings: Are there any television shows out there that you’ve watched regularly from the very beginning? Or for those of you not into TV, any book authors that you’ve read from the very beginning?

Well, lets answer both. I have watched both Charmed and Smallville from the very beginning and will continue to do so. Most recently the OC. I think those are the only 3 shows I watch and since I TiVo them it is very convenient because I have mini marathons on the weekends. I also love to read and I have been reading the Harry Potter series from the beginning and will continue to do so even though I am upset at the death on book 5.

Twosome- Middles: What about shows that you came into in the middle of the season but immediately grabbed your attention and turned you into a die-hard fan? Again, for non-TV fans, have you ever begun reading a series of books in the middle and then just had to read everything else in the series?

I do not do that for the most part, but Friends I did not watch from the very begining and I watched until the end… actually I have the finale taped and will watch it soon. As far as books not really, most series I have started from the beginning… or the DaVinci code and Angels and Demons, if that is a series, because I read the code first and then went back to Angels and Demons.

Threesome- And Ends: Recently, a number of big name shows have ended, Friends, Fraiser, The Drew Carey Show, and the cult hit, Angel. Did you watch any of the big finales? Have you ever been really sad to see a show go? Ok, readers, here’s one for you. Have you ever read the end of a book first? Why? 😉

Friends I have taped… Fraiser I never really liked… Drew Carey only watched sporadically on late night TV. Angel did not even watch one episode nor did I watch Buffy. Even though I am a total Vamp fanatic I found it too highschool when I caught early episodes. I was really sad to see go Dark Angel… I was a big fan of that… and I guess Charmed is coming to an end too… I will be sad to see that go. I have not read the end of a book first that I can remember.

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