Friends of Friends

I have been concidered extremist a couple of times. I will explain why first and then give my reasoning for it. I love to have people over to my house, host poker games, BBQ’s, dinner parties, whatever, love to have people over. But whenever a new person becomes part of our “group” I have a talk with them. I say, your friends are welcome here, but I only want to tell you that everyone you bring to my house you are directly responsible to me for their actions. If you cannot keep your friends in line or do not trust them enough to make yourself responsible, please do not bring them. I think thanks to this, my house has always been incident free.

Now some people have looked at me like I am a little extreme for the little talk. But I think that opening the door to my house to someone is a big deal and I am not one to just have people parade in and out unless I know that they are people that I can really trust in some level or another. My family and friends are the world to me and I would not want to ever put them in any kind of danger, however small it might be. I would not want to see my little neice witness a fistfight in my house, ever.

Is that too much to ask?

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  1. i think it isn’t asking too much, after all it’s your house. I wonder though how they react when you have your little talk with them.

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