Van Helsing (*)

Starring Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale, Richard Roxburgh, David Wenham, Shuler Hensley, Elena Anaya, Will Kemp, and Kevin J. O’Connor

Gabriel Van Helsing (Jackman) is a man cursed with a past he cannot recall and driven by a mission he cannot deny. Charged by a secret organization to seek out and defeat evil the world over, his efforts to rid the world of its nightmarish creatures have been rewarded with the title that now follows him: murderer.

I have not been this disappointed by a movie in a long time. From watching Jackman on X-man I had expected Helsing to have a serious edge. Was looking forward to some formidable fights and not just repetitive action and way to much CGI. The movie starts slow and right away too much of a comedy. Excuse me if I like anything with a vampire on it to be really dark and just serious. I would not bother to go see this movie at all, not even rent it. I now kind of wish I would have gone to see Troy instead, but hey there will be other opportunities.

What bothered me more than the fact that the comic relief was the only good thing in the movie, was the fact that there was nothing new on the story… I mean sure Helsing was a new thing, but he had nothing that could make it real as a character. I am sad to say that Jackman picked a bad script and that maybe they were just capitalizing in his star power. It really sucks because I wanted to like this movie.

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7 comments on “Van Helsing (*)

  1. My son, saw this movie and was disappointed in it.
    But my sister on the other hand loved the movie.
    Unfortunetly I haven’t seen it yet….LOL
    I wonder if I just want to wait until it comes on video…LOL

  2. Don’t waste your money and watch it in the theater, trust me on this one. You can check out my other reviews and you will see that for the most part I love almost all movies.

  3. I disagree heartily with ya…I loved it…and the eye candy was spectacular…goes back to drool on Dracula.

  4. I did not mind the eyecandy either, but that does not make up for a poor script and scattered plot. It was entertaining, but not something that I would say to people, rent or go see it.

  5. I liked this movie. It was plenty of action. It was the best movie of the month. You should see this movie.

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