Nature vs Man Built

Did not want to really rant today, but I am really upset that the first meme I did is not gone. Well, hopefully a new Friday meme will come and do a lot better. I really use meme’s as a crutch. I would love to have more time to write but I really do not with work and life in general. Meme’s allow me to do guided writting but today I need to write and I do not have the meme outlet.

So, one of my friends got me into a discussion that I tought was pretty simple. I stated an opinion and I thought it would not be something that would cause any kind of controversy at all… but I guess it did… so now I have to rant about it to see what people really think.

As you have read I just came back from Las Vegas. The trip out there was due to one of my good friends getting married, Vegas is not what I would call in my top 10 destinations, but if a friend is going there and I can join him or her I would go. I like vacationing with friends, it adds a new layer to things. That said I was not going to miss that wedding if I could help it, there was reasons for me not to go, but I did my best and enjoyed the time out there. Many people at this point will be thinking, why would anyone not jump at any opportunity to go to Vegas, and for me it was that I am not a gambler. Now that I have been there for pleasure (I had been there for business before) I have reasons to go back, but also reasons why I still prefer other places for my vacations.

Now that the set up is out of the way, the topic is Nature vs ManBuilt. I think that Vegas has awesome structures, and even though a lot of them are just replicas for things that exist somewhere else, they are still very cool to look at. My opinion though is that nothing that man can build will ever top God’s creation in my eyes. If I was given the oportunity to go to New Zeland and Vegas, there would be no question as to which one to pick. Or even if I was in Vegas, which I did not get to do because of time constraints, I would be more interesting on going motorcycle riding in to the Grand Canyon than just riding a big bike up and down the strip. I am not saying that man built structures are not beautiful… I am just saying that for me Nature is a lot more awe inspiring. What do you think?

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  1. I think you’re absolutely right! Nothing that man builds would ever compare to the beautiful things in nature. Man can’t replicate an awe inspiring sunset or the beauty that can be found in a river that winds it way through a valley. I mean yea man is good at some things, but Mother Nature beats him hands down!

  2. I’m in total agreement Logtar – but of course, I’m sure you know that about me 😉 I wanted to get married in my parent’s backyard rather than in a church only because, I’d rather be in God’s eyes in his creation, rather than in something that man built for God. However, due to impending weather for the month I want to be married in, and that my parents backyard is pretty much the lowest point in Florida and tends to be rather soggy, I have to have it in a church. But I totally agree that God’s creation is so much more awe inspiring that anything man can come up with. Have a blessed day! :)

  3. I am in total agreement with you. I have wanted to go to New Zealand for as long as I can remember. That is my ultimate destination. Hope to make it there soon, if not to live… at least for a month. To soak up at least part of its beauty. Wonder if they have sea cows? lol. Have a great weekend logtar. =)

  4. You can try Friday 4 if you are inclined. Nope I am in no way connected to this meme. 😛 I do agree that nature beats man made infrastructure any time. I simply marvel at how beautiful our world is that I feel upset when people don’t take better care of the environment! Happy Weekend!

  5. The things that inspire awe are things that make one feel something in one’s heart – things that feed your soul. I seriously doubt that anything that quickens the heart and inspires the spirit could be made of concrete and embellished with neon.

  6. I find it very interesting, this site of yours. I agree with you that nothing manmade can ever top God’s creations. Isn’t God awesome? I don’t know you found my blog, but thanks for coming by. I will be back to read more of your work as well. Take care and keep blooging. Oh and while you are at it check out my forum too. Illuminati Forum

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