Late Week 18

First, a warm up. in celebration of the 1812 birthday of Edward Lear, the man who popularized the limerick, reveal seven things about yourself using the letters N-A-U-G-H-T-Y. One word a hundred words, it doesn’t matter – just hump it, baby!

Nearsighted, or is it farsighted… either way I have issues with my vision, the worst being astigmatism.
Affectionate. I like to think that I am an extremely affectionate person.
Untouchable. LOL I could not come up with anything better.
Great thanks for asking.
Happy too, thanks for asking again.
Tired of not having enough words for MEME’s the funny thing is that I could just get up and look at a dictionary, but no I am not going to.
Young at heart, yea I know I am still a pup, but I want to always stay young at heart.

There’s nothing worse than an idle hump. Now that we’re warmed up, let’s get humping, shall we?

01. You are a character from a children fairy tale or nursery rhyme. Who are you and why?
Robin Hood for sure, I like to help people.

02. You are a magic potion. What is your main ingredient(s) and what are you used for?
Dragon’s heart and Phoenix tears, and I would be used for healing.

03. Tell us your favorite joke, It can be naughty but clean up the language, puhleeze.
I have too many to tell, do not have a favorite really. Let see a short one and also PG… If you bred a Bulldog and a Shitzu what do you get?… *evil grin*

04. Imagine you’re in the Old West. What town character would you be and what would your colorful nickname be? Example: School Marm – Old Widow Maples
I would be the barkeep and I would be Johnny Secrets.

05. You are a mythological diety/god. What are you the god of? What offering(s) would worshippers lay at your feet? If one displeased you how would you smite them?
Hrm… if I had to pick an existing one I would probably be Zeus… now totally made up I would be the god of Wind and I would want food as my offering and would not smite anyone, I am a cool chilly breezy kind of god.

4 comments on “Late Week 18

  1. There is nothing wrong with sea cows, really. But would you want to be one? I just like to call people sea cows. I think its a funny word. or two words, whatever. Its really funny to say I just saw a sea cow in his underpants. Hey, I might change my blog title now. Sea Cow in UnderPants. Ok, maybe not. I’m gonna go now, my comments are dumb and pointless. Love me anyway.

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