Friday and Saturday recap

Well Friday was traveling day. I woke up about 2 am in the morning after getting just a couple of hours of sleep and I drove to Detroit(from here a 2 hour drive). Got there and for the most part it was not hard even though a couple of streches or road were super straight and boring but I just rolled down the window and stayed awake.

The plane ride out there was not bad at all. The plane left around 7 am and it seemed to be a quick flight. The on board movie was the Italian Job. I had already seen this movie and because of Ed Norton on it I deem it watchable, but I did not pay for the headphones, and the flight crew turned the sound off… so whatever. I just listened to music. After the movie they had Everybody loves Raymond episodes, which did have sound so I plugged my headphones off the MP3 player and watched the show. I like the show, but I have to say the episodes that they showed were classic. One was the one with the dancing and the other one was with the football that Franks steals. When we approached the Rockies the pilot announced it and I got to take a picture.

The Vegas is a great place, nice weather, everyone happy, but over all it feels like it has no soul… meaning it feels almost sterile… maybe because it is a desert? or maybe because everything about it is geared towards “fun”

I am not a gambler so that is probably the biggest problem, I cannot bring myself to gambling money. But I was not there just for me, I was there because my good friend Chad was getting married. And let me tell you, I have never seen a more beautiful wedding. I am not sure if it was the sunset or the bride or the words the minister said, but it really spoke to me and the beauty of marring someone you truely love. The pictures I took of the wedding are here. Pictures of Vegas are here

The rest of the time there was just pure relaxation time… but I did get to rent a scooter and ride around the next day… but I did not wear sunblock, big mistake… not too bad, but I did get a little darker than I wanted to and my nose is now peeling. Well, I am glad to be back and I might do some more posting later. For now I am about to do the WEDmindHUMP.

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  1. Wow sounds like a great time and I loved the photos! Definitely a beautiful wedding! Better than my dream Vegas wedding where Elvis presides over the ceremony and Jimi Hendrix is the best man! ROFL And was that you with the dark hair and goatee? If so wow! You’re a good looking guy! 😉

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time! Thanks so much for commenting on my recent entry. I’m pretty scared for the state of our nation. Not to say that I don’t think we can over take them, but somehow I wish that the media was never allowed to be in the middle of wartime. It seems that America’s morale and patriotism was always so much more when one wasn’t watching the war from the living room couch. I wish that America would just trust Bush and let him do his job. But, alas, I’m really conservative, and that is but a dream of mine. I just have a really bad feeling about what is taking place. Not just Nick’s situation, just our country’s situation in general. However, the bible says to be of good faith and put everything in his hands. I think it’s time I do just that. What a wonderful nation we would be if we put things in order….God, family, country, job, and the other stuff of life. Thanks for letting me leave such a loooong comment…..Have a wonderful day! I’m praying for you….

  3. Thanks for dropping by! I use a bunch of different tools when I write for links, translation, document conversion, and so on. I just upgraded to RoboHelp X5, so I’ve been playing with Flash help files as of late. I’ve always wanted to visit Vegas, so I’m envious of you. Love your blog and will visit again soon. Have a great week. =)

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