Just a Monday, but a good monday

Well, I have not had just a regular post in quite some time… and I know today is Monday Music Mambo day but I wanted to post about the week and the weekend and just eveything… hey aren’t blogs for that any way.

Well begining with my neighbors having cool content, I think the little 3 question thing was awesome and even though no one got really out of hand(they all said were going to) we had some fun. Also put the radio blog up, what a cool concept, hopefully bandwith will be ok, I never really pay too much attention. Thanks to Sabra for all her help in getting that running.

This weekend was a quiet one, lots of chilling and just watching movies. I still have to review Timeline, but I am debating if I should re-read the book and do a little comparison. Now this week and next will be fun, but I might not be posting much. I will try to keep the moblog going because I will be in VEGAS :) one of my friends is getting married and I will be leaving Thursday :) wooohooo. Ok, for now this is it… about to finish the Monday Music Mambo.

*tag me with what songs you like dislike from the radio blog… please :)*

2 comments on “Just a Monday, but a good monday

  1. Oh wow you get to go to Vegas! How fun! Wish I were going too! Sounds like it was a good weekend! Happy to hear it! And yes…will do the 3 question thing too since you asked!

  2. Awww, you’re welcome but I didn’t do anything very much at all. And you have new music, must listen!

    And yes, I promise to put up my ‘ask me a question’ later today…:)

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