Last’s weeks this week :)

1. What do you do for a living?
I program computers and market.
2. What do you like most about your job?
Its everchanging. There is always something new to do.
3. What do you like least about your job?
The fact that I do not have enough time in the day to do everything I need to do.
4. When you have a bad day at work it’s usually because _____…
Someone else did not do their job.
5. What other career(s) are you interested in?
I have always wanted to be a Veterinarian… there is still time. Also an ASL(American Sign Language) interpreter, have not learned how to sign yet but will.

::Insomnia, the Cure for Sleep::

Onesome: Insomnia– Ever have it? Some do and some don’t, but have you ever been hounded awake for that endless hour after hour with no hope of sleep? …or does the very act of touching head to pillow put you out for the count?

Nope, it is very rare… and I can still fall of sleep after like about an hour in the worse times so I do not concider that insomnia… it has only happened a couple of times in my life. The very act of touching heat to pillow puts me out.

Twosome: the cure– Hey, if you do have the occasional bout or chronic insomnia, what do you do about it? Work? Read? Try cures? Hmmm… Did you ever find one that worked?

Ok this sucks… what can I answer now.

Threesome: for sleep– Female/male, young/not so young, we all need varying amounts of sleep. What’s your personal sleep cycle? Five hours? Ten hours? …and if you had a choice, what would be your personal sleep cycle? …and yes, “All day long” is a valid answer <g>

Mine is about 5-6 during the week, about 8 during the weekend. I would love to get about 7-8 every day.

Now Patrick came up with a friday night for me, since I feel cheated by today’s thursday threesome, here we go.

1) What is your favorite citrus fruit?
2) What brand of soap do you use in the shower?
Dial shower gel.
3) If you were a mayor of a medium-sized town, and could only do one of these
actions, which would you choose and why? (A) Fix all potholes in the town, (B)
Build a waterpark for the town’s children, or (C) Subsidize the cost of waste
water disposal for the poor.

Why do I feel like this is a trick question. I think fix all the potholes in the town.
4) Do you feel the government should take more or less of a role in the
administration of Major League Baseball?

I did not know they did.
5) Pickles: Dill or Sweet?
Dill… there are sweet ones?

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Ok, right about now you are probably asking yourself what the heck does eyelid surgery or any kind of cosmetic surgery have to do with culture… but my friends it has to do lots. Continuing with my whole culture write up thing that I have started, I thought it would be appropriate to jump to a topic that has little to do with my culture but that I have some insight on because of the people that I have met.

I first learned about the procedure two years ago. For one reason or another, I have become close friends with two people from Korea. First my martial arts instructor who I became I very close with, close enough to stand up at his wedding. That still makes me feel extremely proud. He opened the door to Korean culture and introduced me to Ja Jang Myun and Kimchi. He also taught me about the culture in general and some of the aspects of his life in Korea. I also did a little research on my own, learning about the country, the war, the Japanese occupation, etc. This knowledge helped me tons when I started working at my last job. I had a coworker that happened to be Korean but a very shy and an extremely reserved person. We had an opportunity to talk one time, and I was able to show my little knowledge of his culture… but to my surprise only that limited knowledge opened the door for very in depth conversations. One of those conversations was about the cosmetic eyelid surgery.

Wednesday Mind Hump – Week 14

This week some fun with free association and then some.  What is free association?  It’s a “I say ____, you think _____” sort of thing.  You can list the first word, phrase or idea that comes to your mind. 

First, as a warm up, using the letters M-I-N-D reveal four things about yourself.

M :: Motorcycle rider and lover
I :: Insane, but in a good way
N :: Never jumped out of a plane, but will some day :)
D :: Dog lover, but a cat lover too 😉

1.   chill :: pill
As in Jagged little pill… for an angry woman Alaniss did some good music.

2.   poodle :: noodle
Now I am hungry, you have done it… I want some good JaJang Myun

3.   tissue :: issue
If you have an issue you will need a tissue. 😉

4.   sharp :: knife
Hrm… I guess running with scissors fits too.

5.   foam :: bubbles
Mind went right to the guter on this one

6.   wee :: gonads and strife
Just click here… you will not regret it. This can fix almost any day 😉

7.   crack :: is wack
I always remember waterboy when I hear crack… Lawrence Taylor saying and remember kids, don’t do crack.

8.   bellybutton :: Shakira
… need I say more 😉

9.   bounce :: hip hop
Too many hip hop songs with the word bounce, and you do bounce.

10. disco :: Saturday night fever
Staying alive…

Ready?  Set.  Do the Hump, you loons!

Cheaper by the Dozen – (***)

Starring Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt, Piper Perabo, Tom Welling, Hilary Duff, Kevin Schmidt, Alyson Stoner, and Ashton Kutcher…A comedy about family, loyalty and priorities. (20th Century Fox)

Great cast, the best family movie I have seen this year so far. At first I thought this movie would suck just because of the fact that Ashton Kutcher was on it, I really did not want to see him as the centerpiece of the movie… but he was not. Nothing against Ashton, I actually respect him as an actor a little more after The Butterfly Effect the first movie I reviewed in my blog. I had seen way too much of the Ashton gags in the trailer which for a lot of comedies seems to be where they waste the best gags. Now Steve Martin is someone that I am not too fond off, but he was actually really funny in this movie.

The movie centers on a family that has to relocate from the country to Evanston, IL a suburb north of Chicago. The film really illustrates the struggle that families go trying to balance careers and child upbringing, but on this one raised to the 12th degree by having 12 kids. It is an excellent family film that I would recommend. I think it is a definite rent it.

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* Don’t bother
**If there is nothing else in the video store
***Rent it for sure
****Go watch it in the theater today, or buy the DVD

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