Week 16

This week free association – some fun with “I say, you think” with a crazy sort of Spring twist.

First, as a warm up, using the letters G-A-R-D-E-N reveal six things about yourself.

Gato used to be my nickname during school, is Cat in Spanish. Due to the color of my eyes 😉
Annoyed, because I am running out of things to put on this things, there are so many adjetives in the English language people… I am already resorting to Spanish (See above)
Resourceful, I will learn another language just to keep up with the memes.
Determined to keep it fresh and
Entertain you people
Nutty… I think I just made that clear.

Now that you’re warmed up … Let’s hump, shall we? Below are a list of words. Respond with the first words, words, phrase or insane idea that pops into your head!

1. hoe – house… as in there is some hoes in this house.
2. lips – tender. I am going to leave that one alone.
3. butter – cup… don’t break my heart… I am all musical today.
4. pie – Apple. Love Apple pie.
5. groovy – I refuse to play with this word. I think humanity needs to let go of this word. Is just plainly overused and we all have bills, no one is really groovy anymore.
6. hook – took, Still pissed about seeying groovy.
7. believe – God. That is what I believe.
8. fountain – of Life.
9. bush – Garders :)
10. sprout – Brussels… did I spell that right?

6 comments on “Week 16

  1. Sniffle…As a lover of the 60’s generation I have to say Groovy is not a bad word…Sike! is a bad word. Does the swim and the pony on Logtar’s bloggy in a very MOD sort of way.

  2. I am open, check out 100 things about me… just click on the about me link on the right.

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