Some dirt on me

Since I am being accused of not being revealing enough on my post… I will do a DailyDirt

1. Have you ever dated a younger guy/girl?
Yes I have.
2. If yes, did it work out? If no, would you?
No it did not work out.
3. Have you ever dated an older guy/girl?
Yes I have.
4. If yes, did it work out? If no, would you?
I guess it did work out :)
5. Which do you prefer: dating an older or younger guy/girl?
I preffer older women.

How is that for revealing 😛

2 Responses to Some dirt on me

  1. Hey I learned a lot! :)

  2. Hrm, love the smell of sarcasm in the afternoon… but seriously people, my about me page is pretty full of stuff you would never guess.

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