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I know religion is not the most popular topic to talk about. I stay away from politics for the most part and keep my opinions to myself, but as far as religion, lately I have been feeling a calling, well more like since about a year ago. I will have to tell that story in a separate post some time soon but for now I want to share with you guys something that is just very thought provoking. You can find it here in its entirety and here is an excerpt:

Do you know what it is that you believe? And do you know why you believe that? Is it because you were raised that way by your family? Did you hear it from someone or read about it in a book or magazine? Is what you believe the TRUTH? Have you read it in the Bible? How do you KNOW?

Getting back to the basics isn’t always easy. It takes a desire to study, and learn and ask questions. It means prayer, reading the Bible, talking with your Pastor and church members, and making a personal investment in knowing and understanding God’s plan for your life.

What do you do to get back to the basics of your faith? …..

The question is asked, what do you do to get back to the basics of your faith? and my answer is somewhat complicated.

First we need to define who I am. I grew up Catholic, and even though I respect that religion I consider myself more a Christian now than a Catholic. During my teens I attended an Evangelical church, where I felt closer to God than I had ever felt before. That church was not the best, but I do have many good memories. I left that church and have been in the quest for a new church ever since. When I first moved to Michigan I thought that I have found a church but I did not commit to it, now I am hoping I can find one soon.

Now back to the original question, what do I do to get back to the basics… first I determine where I stand. Right now I am more spiritual than religious that is for sure. But I do have a fire burning inside me to become more religious. Second I think it is important to get into a bible study, or at least on my own to start studying the bible. Last and not least is to find a church, and not just any church, but a church where I can grow and really feel comfortable. Those are my goals as far as religions go.

Now, to make reference to the beginning of the article that was written, I think those are all good questions and here are my answers to them.

Do you know what it is that you believe? I believe in God, in Jesus and the trinity. I believe the Jesus existed as a man and that he died in the cross for us to then resurrect.

And do you know why you believe that? Is it because you were raised that way by your family? Did you hear it from someone or read about it in a book or magazine? Is what you believe the TRUTH? Have you read it in the Bible? How do you KNOW?

Yes the Bible has a lot to do with it, and also my family and those around me, but I believe the most because of my own faith, and just the wonder that this world is. Every time I look at the sky and I see the sun shinning through the clouds I think of God.

That said, I am the kind of person that does not like to push his beliefs on others, but if you want to get closer to God I would be the first one to try and help. I believe that you can only be helped when you want to be helped… this is true for every situation in life and your relationship with God is no different.

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  1. HI there. Thanks for responding to my post on my site yesterday.

    You sound very much like I did a year ago. I was raised as the step-daughter of a Southern Baptist minister and when I was old enough to make choices for myself concerning God and religion, I basically made the choice to do nothing. I stopped going to church. I did not pray. I did not read the bible. I did not really put God into any part of my life except for that part inside of me that knew God was real.

    I also used to tell people I was more “spiritual” than religious, but one day…after my hubby and I were separated and ready for a divorce, I felt the Holy Spirit calling me back. That burning desire you talk about in your entry was the same for me. I talked to my husband, we decided to give it another go, but only with God first in our lives…and right then we got Back to the Basics…we started going to a church that didn’t beat around the bush with doctrine and had friendly, accepting people. We started reading the bible (which I still struggle to do) and we started praying. I can not explain what a difference all that made.

    I am still learning about what it is that I believe. Thankfully my husband had a degree in Theology so he can really help me understand God’s word…but at the BASIC foundation of it all, I believe what you believe…which is the truth. God loves me. He sent his son, Jesus, in human form to die for me and save me from my sins.

    I really liked you entry and the bravery it took to talk about it openly! I shall be back to read more soon!

  2. Thanks Charity, I appreciate your comment more than you can even believe. Thanks again.

  3. Hi there logtar,
    I wanted to say that as a sister in Christ, I love you and know right where you are on your journey.
    I was there – and I think that every born again can say the same, even if circumstances differ a bit. I was lost. So lost, that I didn’t even know that God was calling me. I couldn’t describe the feeling of desperation and guilt. I was attending a Lutheran church at the time. My family and everyone was there. I did all the right things – taught Sunday School for kindergarteners, was in the choir, made meals for Lent; I did all these things and presumed myself happy. I was even head of the youth group at the time. I presumed God to be happy with me.
    But I was still lost. I hadn’t been saved – in fact, I thought it was a bunch of hooey. I figured, hey, I lead a decent life, I go to church, i do all these things, so, I’m fine. But, I must tell you….I wasn’t fine. I was lost.
    I was religious. Just like the Pharisees, I took love that was freely given to me, though I didn’t deserve it, and instead of taking it, I just pushed it back in their faces, and claimed that my life was fine.
    I later came to realize – there is a distinct difference between being religious and being spiritual. After I received my salvation, everything changed. I got back to the basics – where it all started. I started to see and live the truth of the gospel. I got baptised. I became a member of a baptist church only b/c they are the only denomination that I have found that is true to what the Bible calls for. I relish in the relationship that I have with God. I still don’t act as I should – but I’m not perfect either. Instead, I am forgiven. And I am spiritual. I try to live my faith not attend my faith.
    Hold your head up high logtar; be with God, and embrace the love that Jesus has for you. I’m praying for you. I also want you to know that if you need a friend, I’ll be here for you. God has, and is helping you – even if you don’t know it yet.
    Thank you for praying for me today – I truly appreciate it – believe me, it helped me out tremendously. It’s wonderful to know that people who don’t even know me, pray for me.
    And I’ll be doing the same for you… logtar, God loves you….
    In His Arms,
    Candy >

  4. Candy, I believe in the power of prayer, it has already granted me miracles in the past, and I know it will help me throught the journey that I am about to start. Thank you for the kind words.

  5. That is so awesome to hear. God really does answer prayer :). I have to honestly say that my walk with Christ has been struggling (my fault of course). I pray that God opens my BF heart and eyes like he has done yours. He comes from a Cathlic backround also, but doesn’t have a clue (I think) or a desire for a relationship with Christ. It makes me so sad and all I can do is pray. I try to keep my mouth shut for the most part because all it turns into is an argument between us. Being a living example is all I can do, but i’m struggling there too.

  6. Faith is a very important part of my life. I grew up in a very religious family, the kind that imposes beliefs through guilt, you know… but it didn’t work for me. All my life I’ve seeked to have certain religious independence and although I consider myself a Catholic (because I find Catholic beliefs good enough to satisfy my concept of God) I try to keep an open mind and I’m always interested in learning new things. It has been a struggle because my mom simply won’t understand it, but now that she’s not here with me I just have a personal relationship with God the way I want it, not how they tell me to have it. I think prayer is the most important thing that keeps me going, even when life doesn’t seem fair. The power of prayer is huge… and I see how it works every single day. Thanks for this post!

  7. This is a wonderful, well-thought out plan. Purpose-Driven Life is a great tool. Cheers to you in your journey.

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