Favorite band (Monday Music Mambo)

So here we go. Using the letters of your favorite band or artist tell us a little more about yourself.

I have been listening to this band a lot lately… I am sure it will die out… I am a huge Red hot chilli peppers fan, but I will use this one since it is the one that I am listening to right now.

Motorcyclist. I love motorcyles… no news there.
Admirer of beauty, specially nature and just all of Gods creation.
Reader… even though right now I am stuck in my current book, I have a couple others lined up… maybe I should just stop reading it for now.
Outgoing, I really try to be. Like to have fun.
Outspoken, this gest me in trouble a lot of times, but at the same time I think is one of my best qualities.
Naugty… oh yes… I can be. But we will quite while we are ahead.

Fortunate, I thank God every day for everything he has given me.
Intricate… or just plain complicated sometimes.
Versitile. I like to think I am anyways.
Entrepernurial… I am sure I bastardized this word, but I do think I am that. LOL

7 comments on “Favorite band (Monday Music Mambo)

  1. Have never heard of the Maroon Five – but I love your answers! I had a hard time coming up with an “m” adjective….

  2. Very revealing, as usual, sweetie. Thanks for the comment about Mr. Man’s homecoming. I’m glad he’s home too but apparently I made him sick – he seems to have come down with the flu over the weekend :( Oh well – I get he got home just in time for me to take care of him, right? Have a great week, sweets.

  3. Na na na na! Guess who got Maroon5 CD this weekend, as a gift? Yes, moi! Isn’t my husband a wonderful person? Heh! Thanks for introducing me to such cool music.

  4. I’m yet another Maroon 5 fan, though I chose James Taylor to mambo with this week! Great answers logtar, very insightful :)

  5. Wow great answers! But gotta say you sound like me and the book I’m currently reading! Stuck is a good word for it!

  6. I was wondering… How much can you tell about yourself with the letters in U2? Heh! Sorry, now I’m stalking your comments.

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