Week 15

This week a “getting to know you” theme with an insane twist.

First, as a warm up, using the letters I-N-S-A-N-E reveal six things about yourself.

Impatient, but I have learned over the year to controll it. I am still very impatient when I let myself be.
Nature lover, growing up I made my own ant farms (catching them and stuff) not to mention my dream to some day be a Vet.
SSalsa dancer, yes I can dance, and can dance good.
Artist, something I want to become… I used to be pretty good a free hand but have not done it in quite some time. Have to start again.
Never late, or at least I try. I love being punctual 😉
Entertaining, or at least I think I am. Am I funny, am I a clown, do I amuse you 😉

1. What’s the best pickup line you ever heard and did it work?
My favorite pick up line, and it actually does work because of its entertainment value is “Wanna Wrestle.”… so ladies “Wanna Wrestle.”
2. If you were a character in The Wizard of Oz, who or what would you be?
Never seen that movie… I know I am horrible. I guess I have to rent that and buy the dark side of the moon… it is 4/20 LMAO. *Disclaimer* LOGTAR.com is a drug free stablishment. Drug reference for entertainment purposes only.
3. If you were an element of weather, what would you be?
I would be wind, that is for sure. Wind is powerful and can create both hurricaines and tornadoes, but at the same time it can be as serene as an ocean breeze.
4. If you were a breed of dog, what would you be and why.
I have become fond of the Airedale Terriers. Very cool multifaceted dog. If you do not know about the breed get informed 😉
5. If you were a toy or a game, what would you be and why?
Wow… this is really a good question… and yes my mind did go to the gutter but I recovered. If I was a toy I would probably be Teddy Bear, I know not very macho or anything, but hey ladies love to cuddle with them.

9 comments on “Week 15

  1. WoW! Great answers as usual. I like a man secure enough with himself to give atypical answers. But really, darlin’, never saw the Wizard of Oz? I don’t know which is more sad, that you’ve never seen it or that I can almost recite it word for word and lyric for lyric! LOL It’s an amazing metaphoric movie as are most children’s stories and fairytales.

    And you naughty boy! A naughty answer came to your mind for the toy question? *wags finger at Logtar* Actually that never entered my mind but it has now! LOL How will I ever get through my Mind Hump this morning.

    Great humpin’, my man – as usual. BTW – Wanna Wrestle? *wink*

  2. Airedale Terriers — Awww… I miss Thor, my neighbor’s beautiful dog that got all excited when he saw me, heh! I love Terriers as well. If I get a dog, it will be a Wire Fox Terrier.

  3. Ant farm…hard to catch those little buggers! I had a snail farm…yes, snails..I kept them in an old artillery shell box.

  4. hey :) just reading you blog has made me smile a little already.. thanks. And “Wanna Wrestle” made an even bigger smile :)

  5. I cannot believe that you have never seen The Wizard Of Oz. When you rent it, you have to rent Return To Oz as well. I love them both.

  6. Don’t give me that “cool” Airedales stuff. I’m informed! I’ve got two of the rotters (4.5yo and 6.5yo). Oh sure, they’re multifaceted…like Rabbit and the Faces of Eve…and if I have to buy another kentia palm to fill their bellies, why I’ll…probably just do so. ~sigh~ It’s almost fun, as long as you don’t mind being insane, and can live with only the pretense of Alphadom (I AM THE BOSS!). BIGBADBARKs and TUCKBUTTRUNs to you!

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