The power of music

Music is a powerful force, at least for me. Music really marks times in my life, I can hear a song and kind of like a specific smell it will bring back memories. I am not extremely picky about what I really listen to, I do not mind listening to a top 40 station in the radio at all. All the pop music really makes it easy to pin point a year. I am sure I can go back for the last 10 years and have a song that just reminds me of a specific year. That would be a good write up. (Mental note of to do).

I also feel that music makes you connect with people. Just driving on a car and singing to the same song at the same time can create a connection with that person like never before. Or think of it in terms of a concert, how many people can sing the same song and connect on that instant in time. I am sure all that energy is what artists crave. I have heard this time and time again, that the electricity of a live performance is hardly ever topped by anything else.

Try to remember the last time that you had an event in your life… were there any songs that really helped you through? Or is there one powerful song that is like your fighting anthem. I actually do have one. Any time that I am feeling down I put this CD on and just jam to it. Listen to song 4… Celebrate Our Love.


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7 comments on “The power of music

  1. I just wrote the same thing, more or less… in my 100 list. I cannot go a day without my music. I would go totally insane. I listen to everything. I love it all. “Music is music, its the people that segregate it.” But yeah… its not really my fight anthem or anything… but everyday I have to hear Billy Idol’s ‘Rebel Yell’… Especially if I’m about to go to a club.

  2. The first thing I do when I turn my computer on is open JukeBox and select a few songs from my list. Then I play them again and again… I can’t live without music. As for the “anthem” song… I don’t know, these days all I can relate to songs is the memory of my dad and all the strength he gave me, the good things he taught me and how proud he would be of me… “Because You Loved Me” by Céline Dion.

  3. Once upon a time there was a time in my life where all was a celebration of light and love and overwhelming happiness…the song that accompanied a slow dance before dinner each evening: “Woman” by John Lennon. I don’t listen to it often, preferring to be surprised by it whenever it is played, and each time I hear it I’m transported to another time and place…

  4. I checked out your 100 list. I also studied French for 2 years, albeit in highschool. I cannot remember a thing about it. Although, I can still sing the alphabet song in French.

  5. Since my father was a professional musician music has long been a driving force in my life. There are many songs that thrill me, soothe me, seduce me, steel me, comfort me, encourage me, arouse me or just make me move! There’s too many … my whole being is attached to music is one way or another. Lately I’m enamored of “Kiss From a Rose” by Seal, “Don’t Disturb This Groove” by The System, “Portugese Love” by Teena Marie, “Say What’s In your Heart” by Aaron Neville …. there’s more, so many more. I’m going to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival this weekend and next weekend and I’m so excited.

    In the lyrics of “Don’t Disturb This Groove” one of the lines is “Close your eyes and let the music put you in the mood. Can you feel it?” DAMN! Gotta go play it now – close my eyes, let the music put me in the mood, feel it …. and dance.

    Damn Man! Thanks for getting me all “riled up” LOL

  6. Yep I’m with you when it comes to music! I love it and listen to it everyday almost all day long so it has become a large part of my life. Also…love the font you use for the posts…what is it? Looks familiar but don’t know the name.

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