What an awesome weekend

The temperature is finally getting to tolerable levels in Mid-Michigan, what am I saying it was just awesome. I could not believe how nice it was… temperatures on the 70’s all weekend and just the best for hanging out. Friday night was dart night and I had a couple of excellent games, but and for the first time I can actually blame sucking on Mike… who killed a good game or two. Love ya 😉

Saturday got to spend an awesome afternoon riding my new mountain bike, got some exercise and just enjoy the Midland downtown area. Then just an awesome time driving around with the windows down. I love spring, and summer as well, any time you can just drive and have your windows down is awesome to me. Did my fair amount of chatting this weekend, and got on some really good conversations. Bea is just one of the coolest people I have met in the net and well, she is just becoming a excellent buddy to talk to. She was working on the layout of her blog this weekend and went with an awesome theme… go check it out, I think it looks just all warm and fuzzy 😉

Sunday was also showered with excellent weather and more driving around with the windows down. Friday, the person not the day started this last week… where do you blog… Here is my GeekDom

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  1. Oh well… did you just boost my ego? Thank you! It’s really nice talking to you, too. Actually, I’m IMing you now, so… heh! Let’s talk on MSN.

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