Wednesday Mind Hump – Week 14

This week some fun with free association and then some.  What is free association?  It’s a “I say ____, you think _____” sort of thing.  You can list the first word, phrase or idea that comes to your mind. 

First, as a warm up, using the letters M-I-N-D reveal four things about yourself.

M :: Motorcycle rider and lover
I :: Insane, but in a good way
N :: Never jumped out of a plane, but will some day :)
D :: Dog lover, but a cat lover too 😉

1.   chill :: pill
As in Jagged little pill… for an angry woman Alaniss did some good music.

2.   poodle :: noodle
Now I am hungry, you have done it… I want some good JaJang Myun

3.   tissue :: issue
If you have an issue you will need a tissue. 😉

4.   sharp :: knife
Hrm… I guess running with scissors fits too.

5.   foam :: bubbles
Mind went right to the guter on this one

6.   wee :: gonads and strife
Just click here… you will not regret it. This can fix almost any day 😉

7.   crack :: is wack
I always remember waterboy when I hear crack… Lawrence Taylor saying and remember kids, don’t do crack.

8.   bellybutton :: Shakira
… need I say more 😉

9.   bounce :: hip hop
Too many hip hop songs with the word bounce, and you do bounce.

10. disco :: Saturday night fever
Staying alive…

Ready?  Set.  Do the Hump, you loons!

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  1. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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