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Well, right not all I have in my mind is the Passion of the Christ. I saw this movie last night and I have very mixed feelings about it. Growing up Catholic made me learn a lot about religion, add to that going to a Catholic high school and you have quite a bit of knowledge. When I moved to the US I did not attend church as often as I did back in Colombia, and I entered an exploration stage. I visited several Protestant churches and was actually impressed by a lot of them. At the moment I am not overly religious and I now consider myself a Christian first and a Catholic second.

That said I think that the movie was a bit too much. Even though I understand that it is important to illustrate the brutality of crucifixion as well as the torture Jesus went through. I think the movie goes to far to illustrate the gore. I did like that the movie stayed true to scripture and thought the casting was excellent. The movie worked with subtitles, and I think the cinematography of it was beautiful. Now I could have done with a lot of the gore, which in order to my brain to accept I had to look at is as it is just Hollywood and special effects. I think I would have not been able to handle it otherwise. In films, a lot of the most powerful scenes never actually show brutality but kind of suggest it. Alfred Hitchcock did it on Psycho and even on Scarface you never see the guy actually using the chainsaw but I think we all agree that the message was there. I wish that the movie would’ve used a little more of this method; I do not think it was necessary to depict flesh being ripped off of Jesus body. I know I am a little late with all of this, but I just watched the movie yesterday and it did really move me.

I did not want to make this entry about just the movie but I guess it did have a strong impact in me, so lets leave it at that.

**Update** if you have a chance, listen to this.
A Historical Look at Crucifixion

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  1. Hmmmm, to comment or not to comment, that is the question. “The Passion of the Christ” – depending on who viewed it can be a very personal thing or a very subjective thing. To me it was totally personal. I have a long history with God and Christ. After losing my mother last year I also lost my faith — long story. I saw “The Passion” the day after it was released. I saw it again the next day. Both times it had an incredible impact on me. Sadly it was not the impact I had hoped for – a return to faith. But still, I nearly have the opposite opinion that you do which in my mind makes neither of us right or neither of us wrong – just different. My opinion about the graphic details of cucifixtion of Christ is this … for many many years there have been many many movies about Christ and the crucifixion. They’ve always been good movies but when it came to the crucifixion it was always glossed over. Christianity is all about the crucifixion and the ressurection of Christ. It was his supreme suffering and sacrifice that made it so phenomenal and him so divine. Maybe being raised Catholic we both have always understood about the suffering for didn’t we grow up with images like the Sacred Heart, The Crown of Thorns and how about The Stations of the Cross in every Catholic church. But for many I think that sort of suffering has never been depicted anywhere and many people don’t have the capability to imagine that sort of thing.

    I’m all for sublety in movies. I love the Hitchcock methods of terror and subtle sexual innuendo like the beach scene in From Here to Eternity instead of blatant porn. I also think there is too much gore and violence in the media these days — but I don’t think “The Passion” wouldn’t have had the same impact without being so graphic. I think that it would have been just another pretty little movie about Christ, his phenomenal teachings and a glossed over crucifixion. I think it was important to detail his path “Por la Via Dolorosa”. Just my humble opinion and one that I hope does not offend because I do respect the beliefs and faith of others.

    I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend!

  2. Will work on a taggie board just for you :)

    Ok, now to reply to your message. Just like you said, we are neither wrong or right. But looking at it purely on being realistic, anyone that lost that much blood, would have died in 10, 15 minutes, that is just a fact. I agree with you on depicting the brutality of the whole thing, but I think the movie went a little too far :)

    Love your comment though.

  3. I just saw “The Passion of the Christ” on Thursday after not really wanting to see it for a while. I have to admit I cried through a large portion of the movie and came out with a very sober and contemplative attitude. Just considering all pain and suffering that Jesus endured for me (I am not a perfect person) and for everyone, even though many don’t know or don’t care about Him, makes me think twice about doing something “sinful”. From a gore and brutality perspective, my opinion, it was closer to historical truth (the whipping), but didn’t make physical sense (the general beating he was getting from everyone) (how could anyone live though that much blood loss). Maybe people of that time were a lot stronger and could sustain more physical brutality because of the hardships and physicalness of their day to day life. The average person in todays society has it so cushy and easy.

    I have heard from different people who have done in-depth historical studies that the whipping scene was pretty close to the truth, if not brutal enough. Whips of that time commonly were made of leather with metal, glass, and other sharp shards in it. A person after a few hits would have little skin left and have deep gouges in their body. Now anyone living though a whipping is a different question.

    The general beating Jesus was getting from the guards and the people around after the time he was capture in the Garden, from a cinematography “reality” view, didn’t make much sense. The bible says that Jesus would have no bones broken (John 19:31-36), but he was being hit repetitively in the face and kicked in the chest. You would think that he would end up with a broken nose or jaw or broken ribs from all the brutality. Also when they were nailing him to the cross and stretching Jesus’s right arm, the movie made it seem like it been broken or pulled out of the shoulder socket.

    I think the movie was shot as a cinematic gore graphic shock, and in some ways it was. On the other hand, I have heard many comments that from a gore perspective, there are many other movies that are more gory.

  4. Sho, nice to see you stopped by. I agree with you, as a Christian I am changed by the movie, but I had to resort to looking at the movie as Hollywood or I would not have been able to take it… even then I was more than moved by that. I think that the movie goes a little too far, and I already recognize since I was a kid that Jesus suffered a lot, and that no matter what, he paid a high price.

    The most positive thing about this all is that it opens the door for people to talk about religion… which I think is an exceptional thing.

  5. I’ts funny logtar how you say, “I visited several Protestant churches and was actually impressed by a lot of them”. What were you expecting?

    Anyway… Christ was just a man/woman, like you and me. It’s an old myth, similar to many other cultures. The hero who sacrifices it all for some higher good. The bible is just a guide for us to live are lives by (or control people if your the catholic chuch). It’s not fact.

  6. That’s probably the main reason why I haven’t been able to gather the strength to go and see the movie. I just can’t stand all the gore the critics talk about. When my mom told me she wanted to see it I said to her “be careful, it might gross you out”… Big surprise two days ago when she told me she had seen it and loved it to pieces. She says there are some characters that move your soul, such as Mary, with her strength and her humility. Some days I really want to see it, some others I just don’t know…

  7. The characters are very powerful… I mean the movie is excellent as far as casting goes… and well the gore is meant to make you look at how much Christ suffered to rid us of our sins… Judas, and Mary are very powerful characters in the movie. I say go see it Bea, just turn away when it gets to be too much.

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